Greenpeace India Challenges IB Allegations

New Delhi (Press Note): Challenging the allegations made by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) report to the PMO, Greenpeace India stated for the record that it is an independent organisation which campaigns for development that is sustainable and growth that is inclusive.

“We have a legitimate right to express our views in what is after all the world’s largest democracy,” the organisation noted in an official statement. “We believe that this report is designed to muzzle and silence civil society who raise their voices against injustices to people and the environment by asking uncomfortable questions about the current model of growth.”

Green Peace

In response to the accusation that Greenpeace has mounted “massive efforts to take down India’s coal fired power plants and coal mining activity,” the organisation noted that instead of destroying India’s forests to access the coal underneath, it believes that India should embrace the ambitious uptake of renewable energy and energy efficiency to meet the rapidly increasing energy needs of our growing country.

It noted that Greenpeace India not only campaigns against development at the cost of human health and environment, it also provides solutions to clean and renewable energy. Access to energy through decentralised models can power up growth and India’s development agenda, the organization noted.

“We have asked the Minister of Home Affairs to let Greenpeace see the report that the Indian Express story is based on. It’s only fair that we have the opportunity to address any mistruths contained within it,” the organisation noted.

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