Gaza Calling: All out on Saturday, 9 August Day of Rage

InCACBI calls on all Indians to join the Day of Rage on August 9 called by the International BDS Movement. Join us at Jantar Mantar between 4 – 8 PM. 

InCACBI and the Palestine Solidarity Committee in India join the world in condemning Israel’s war on Gaza.

We also condemn the Indian government’s continuing military, trade, educational and cultural ties with Israel.

The war Israel is currently waging against the Palestinian civilians in Gaza is a continuation of its occupation and blockade of Gaza over many years; its violation of international laws; its apartheid policies and day-to-day violence against people in Gaza. It has become a truism that Gaza has for long been “an open air prison” for its men, women and children, making it impossible for them to live normal lives, leave alone move forward on the road to self determination.

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The international community has responded to the mounting civilian death toll in Gaza with millions of people on the streets to demand that Israel stop its one-sided war.  In Berlin and other places, including Israel, Jewish people have joined protests. Palestinian protesters across France have defied a ban on demonstrations. The African National Congress has called on the Israeli ambassador to leave immediately. Latin American countries Brazil, Chile, Ecuador Peru and El Salvador have recalled ambassadors from Tel Aviv. Bolivian president Evo Morales has called Israel a “terrorist state” and revoked their visa exemption agreement. 21,000 noted individuals in London have demanded an immediate arms embargo on Israel. A major shift in international public opinion against Israel is taking place.

In India, citizens have protested against Israel’s actions, as well as the Indian government’s timid response to the ongoing carnage in Gaza. While citizens in Mumbai and other cities have called for a boycott of Israeli products, the Indian government is strengthening its relations with Israel, ignoring our call to stop military ties with Israel—one way in which India subsidises the occupation and violence in Gaza.

We ask you, as Indians of conscience, to

1.     Demand that the Indian government respond to our call for a military embargo on Israel;

2.     Boycott all direct and indirect collaborations with the Israeli state, and demand that the Indian government, Indian industry, media, educational and cultural institutions do the same;

3.     Build afresh our old association with Palestine, beginning with more education and cultural exchanges; and

4.     Share information with fellow Indians on the siege and destruction of Gaza.

End the Blockade/Siege on Gaza!

Tear down the Apartheid Walls in West Bank & Gaza!

End the Israeli collective punishment on the Palestinian people!

End the illegal Israeli Occupation of all of Palestine!

Right to Return to their homes and homeland for all Palestinians!

End all U.S. aid to Israel!

End India’s military ties with Israel!

Free Palestine!

The Indian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (InCACBI)

The Palestine Solidarity Committee in India

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