For those who missed: Nivedita Menon’s lecture on nationalism at #StandWithJNU teach-in

Noted Professor, Nivedita Menon, Professor at School of International Studies, JNU takes class at JNU Alternative Classroom at Ad Block, JNU at 5:30 p.m., 22.02.2016. She spoke in Hindi.


  1. FEKU Modi should have been invited to listen on what is NATIONALISM. RSS rogues are uneducated or all having fake degrees. Do not understand the reasoning…

  2. No place for commie anti-Nationals in our motherland India…

  3. wish the cameras would focus on Nivedita’s face, very odd coverage of a speech from behind the speaker?

  4. Fantastic lecture by nivedita menon but she forgot the History of Independent India since it was born in 1947, most of the states in the then formed India were acceded as different rulers were ruling our land which also was constituted with the present Pakistan and bangladesh,During Gandhijis time due to his persistence Pakistan was formed a master plan of British,She should know the then Hyderabad Goa and what not places were acceded to make this country a great one as it is now.Does she know today in Army all the people from all states are there which proves people like to stay within the union of India. Before delivering lectures like this to the students she should understand whether she has the right inputs to talk and just blabber something because of her position, I request this small piece of advice maybe sent to her and what also what is nationalism and do not say you married your brother because you after growing learnt that he is from step mother not your own. I thought the present generation of teachers because of reservations etc are a bit gullible but to note that such a senior aged woman working as a lecturer has no knowledge of our country and the meaning of freedom. I could go on but feel a pinch of excess salt is sufficient for such a lowly class individual to understand