First-ever impeachment of a judge in India for sexual harassment, and the media silence about it

Eminent lawyer Indira Jaisingh’s facebook post today –

The first impeachment ever in history on the ground of sexual harassment by a High Court judge of a woman judge who was forced to resign, is taking place by a Committee appointed by the Rajaya Sabha. But how little attention it gets form the media. All previous impeachment’s have been for financial misconduct. And look as the sloppy manner of the conduct of hearings, Justice Vikramjeet Sing Chari of the committee retired as a judge and had to quit. Two judges of the supreme court declined to accept the assignment, One judge on the committee is likely to be appointed to the Supreme Court shortly. The Committee will again have to look for anew member. Does the Supreme Court care about this ?

it is now three years sine she was forced to resign , three years that she has been knocking the doors of the courts.While she is out he is in , no one thought it fit to remove him form judicial duties while the enquiry is pending. Chiefs Justice who declined an appointment to her judge who declined an appointment to her is now in the Supreme Court . So is the judge who gave a report in the in house committee that he did not find any sexual harassment.

Despite all talk of breaking the glass ceiling, it is a man, s world surely for women in the judiciary., and i might add for women lawyers too.



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