Justice for Felix Dahl! It’s 5 Years Since His Brutal Murder in Goa and Justice Continued to be Denied

As this week marks 5 years of the killing of Felix Dahl, we will be sharing details, interviews, letters, and petitions that his family and friends have accumulated/produced during their long struggle for justice.

Felix Dahl was a 22-year-old Finnish student who traveled to Goa in October 2014. On the 28th of January 2015, he was found dead on a quiet road. His friends claim he had been most likely sedated and then murdered by injuring him heavily in head and he was left to bleed.

The police in Goa claims that Felix died because he fell on his own, whereas the second autopsy done in Finland suggests he was murdered. The Goan government refuses to investigate his killing, as they refuse to investigate dozens of tourists killed over the past few years.

Below is the letter that friends and family have written to Goa’s chief minister on the 5th anniversary of Felix Dahl’s death.

Please support the struggle for proper investigation of Felix Dahl and all the other tourists murdered in Goa. For more details, contact minna.pirhonen@helsinki.fi or sanna.pirhonen@yahoo.co.uk






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