Fault in Our Stars

Javeed Bin Nabi*

It is cold blood carnage and marauding of unarmed innocent Kashmiri’s floating in the villages, towns and desolate hamlets of the Kashmir valley. Every nook and corner of the valley is mourning and swelling in pain. The images of beauty and being a famed tourist paradise in sub-continent have again turned into a hot bed conflict zone. All things are looking Pell – mell and fluttering. The brutality and barbaric attitude of occupying forces is too extreme and alluring. The valley of beauty and so called a paradise on earth is undergoing in a huge humanitarian crises and volatile days and nights. No one knows what will happen next? I as a Pro Kashmiri Nationalist have profound feelings of knavery, alienation and hatred against those who are trying to crumble and choke the freedom sentiments which is deeply and widely present in the hearts and minds of Kashmiri people. It is well understood to all unknown and known ones that the Kashmir valley is once again on boil. The uncertainty has widening its roots deeply and dominated whole valley.

Since the eruption of mass uprising across Kashmir valley from PirPanchal to Zojila. On one hand huge gatherings of people who are protesting and demanding ‘ Self Determination ‘ and freedom of their nation but on the other hand uncounted paramilitary forces are crushing and trampling them with volley of pellets, bullets , stun grenades , teargas shells , Pava shells and other means of force . I have never pelt a single stone on Indian paramilitary felons but I always prefer my fountain pen over stone to send message around the cosmos of the brutality and muzzling of Indian paramilitary felons on oppressed and suppressed people of Kashmir. To my humble understanding of Kashmir Conflict I can’t deny or refuse to say that stone pelting is the only weapon in the hands of our brave youth to challenge the ominous and perilous policies of Indian state in Kashmir. It’s a first-hand weapon to our youth who continuously using this to defend themselves from the wrath of felon and tomfoolery colonizers.

Pertinent to mention here that the well talented and lionhearted youth of the valley also have long cherishing dreams and hopes but unfortunately the political system in Valley and the humiliation and assaulting of gun wielding soldiers force them to pick stones in their hands hurl them on security forces because something is going wrong with them from decades. They are being deprived and muzzled before their basic rights. The self-esteemed life, liberty without any kind of threat is absent in them. When there will be a brazen and muddling of human rights approach and when life is under threat and inhuman treatment will held in a democratic state then technically that state wouldn’t be called a democratic state but a state blot on real Democracy. However, considered Indian democracy in a line of Democratic nations of the cosmos is a myth of decades and a grave abuse in itself. Because we have seeing since decades that Kashmir is a home of human rights violations and harbor of Indian perpetrators.

Presently it’s very painful and heart aching moments that our youth are being muzzled, maimed and brutalized with bullets, pellets and stun grenades. More than eighty unarmed civilians have died so far , 14,000 wounded , thousands were arrested and more than three hundred teenagers were booked under draconian Public Safety Act and eight hundred mostly teenagers lost eye sights In one or both eyes for rest of their life. Despite all these brutalities and brute violations the world’s largest Human rights bodies , United Nations Security Council and United Nations International Court of justice is in a deep slumber over the innocent killings , human rights violations and current outburst laxity which prevailed in Kashmir valley . Moreover The present death cycle and the volcano of suppression and repression is not much different than the nightmares of early nineties when nocturnal raids, 24×7 curfew, torture, muzzling, harassment and brutality under the barrel of gun was law and order of the day and rape and molestation was the religion of Indian paramilitary felons which they always use it as a weapon against people in Kashmir.

So the present furious violence which engulfed in whole Kashmir valley where our young youth are suffering the daily wrath and barbarism, elders are being disrespected and beaten up, mothers and sisters are being abused and assaulted; essential services and daily needs were forcibly snapped and stopped. One can say the prevailing situation in hot zone Kashmir valley is volatile and barbaric since the brutal killing of young Hizb commander BurhanWani on July 8 this year in Kokernag area of South Kashmir. To sum up I can loudly say that Kashmir is not an economic, development and employment problem rather it is a prolonged political issue which needs a sincere political will from both nuclear nations Indian and Pakistan and the will of principle stakeholders of Kashmir valley. Sooner than later Kashmir issue must be solved under UN resolutions or the agreements which happened in past between India and Pakistan .This we all believe is the only way-outthat will mitigate the prevailing laxity and dance of death in the scores of villages, towns and hamlets of a cage called Paradise.

(Javeed Bin Nabi is General Secretary 0f All J&K Students Union {AJKSU}studying International Relations at IUST, Awantipora)

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