Our FB Page has been restricted for likening Modi to Hitler while protests against the anti-Muslim law rise globally

Dear Facebook,

The post for which you have placed restrictions on our page did NOT support the crimes against humanity committed by Hitler in Germany. On the contrary, it denounced those and likened them to the present-day Indian govt’s undemocratic steps which are being condemned globally by the mainstream media as well as citizens. We fail to understand how opposing our government by calling it Fascist becomes a problem? In the recent past, there have been reports about Facebook repeatedly throttling progressive and democratic voices while giving a free run to hate-speeches by the right-wing groups.

We urge you to restore the reach of our page and not throttle it at a time when massive protests are happening across the world against the CAA Act introduced by Modi govt in India that openly discriminates against Muslims, poor and vulnerable citizens. We request you to revoke the restrictions at the earliest.



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