[Event]Solidarity Convention for a Democratic Gorkhaland, in Delhi on 14th September

The link to the FB event is: https://www.facebook.com/events/1951157088495755/

Pahal – Sanskritik Abhiyan, Darjeeling invites you to join a “Solidarity Convention on the struggle for the to Right to Self Determination of the Gorkha people and the struggle for a Democratic Gorkhaland” on the 14th of September from 5.30pm to 8.30pm at Gandhi Peace Foundation.

The century old demand for the recognition of the distinct language and culture of the Gorkha people has over the past three months once again asserted itself with renewed force in the demand for a separate state of Gorkhaland. The West Bengal government has responded with brutal state repression taking more than 10 lives in the present phase of the movement along with restricting food supplies to the hills, a ban on the internet and other severe instances of human rights violations. The central government, vested with the powers of creating a new state has at the same time remained silent and complicit in the curbing of the people’s aspirations.

Pahal is a group of cultural and social activists who have been participating in the struggle to raise the demand for a “democratic Gorkhaland” foregrounding the need for an end to all kinds of exploitation and discrimination based on class, ethnicity, caste, gender, language and culture along with the struggle for statehood. We recently concluded a 250km long padyatra across the entire hill region, through the towns and villages, the tea gardens and cinchona plantations, echoing the people’s demand for statehood and other democratic rights. We assert that the demand for statehood shouldn’t be compromised once again by the governments and the regional political parties as well. The life and livelihood of the people must be ensured alongside the recognition of our separate identity.

Pahal believes that solidarity and support for this movement from all democratic forces and people is a dire necessity today. So join us & voice your message of solidarity.

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