Dow Chemicals will have its AGM soon. Embarrass them online and stand with Bhopal victims!

Join this Thunderclap to show your solidarity with the Bhopal Victims

This Thunderclap Campaign has 2 purposes –

  1. Embarrass and shame Dow Chemical on May 12th, the day of its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Midland, Michigan where it tries to impress its share holders.
  2. Build support for our petition: on May 15th the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal (ICJB) will be posting a petition on the White House’s website, demanding that the US government and the Department of Justice stop shielding Dow Chemical from its liabilities in Bhopal. We’ll have 30 days to collect 100,000 signatures – if we meet that goal, then the White House is obligated to respond to us. Please help us spread the word about the petition by signing up for this Thunderclap.


INDIA. Bhopal. 1984. Burial of an unknown child.
INDIA. Bhopal. 1984. Burial of an unknown child.

December 3, 1984: 8,000-10,000 people killed in Bhopal, India after toxic gas escaped from a Union Carbide Corporation (UCC – a US corporation)-majority owned factory. Hundreds of thousands of people continue to suffer from debilitating health problems caused by exposure to the gas. The current death toll of the disaster is 25, 000 and counting. Children gassed 32 years ago are dying painful, untimely deaths in their mid-thirties.

1991: Indian courts charged UCC and Warren Anderson, its CEO at the time of the disaster, with culpable homicide. Both UCC and Anderson refused to come to India to face the criminal charges and have been proclaimed a “fugitive from justice” in India for a quarter of a century.

2001: UCC merged with US corporation Dow Chemical, and Dow eventually became its 100% owner. As per Indian and US law when Dow took over the assets of UCC, Dow also took over the civil, criminal and environmental liabilities of Bhopal.

2014-2016: Between 2014 and 2015, India sent 4 court summonses for Dow Chemical to the US Department of Justice, which under the terms of the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty between India and the USA should be served to Dow. As of April 2016, the DOJ has not served any of them to Dow.

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