iResist – Tenant in Gurugram Raises Voice Against Corrupt and Tax Evading Landlords

Dear Team IR,
Please keep me anonymous for this communication.
My purpose is to expose all the property holders in U block , DLF phase 3, Gurgaon who are evading taxes and exploiting the immigrants in whichever way possible.
If you do a ground research and directly ask anyone here, they would tell you that the landlords here strictly refuse to provide their PAN card details. As you know, we, tax payers, need owners pan details if the rent exceeds 8333 Rupees/month.
I was staying in U-block in a decent looking room from September till February. Its monthly rent as agreed was 14k and electricity charges were 12rs/unit. He didn’t give me any receipts nor the rent agreement. When I had to fill investment details in my organization, I asked him for PAN number which he refused. He said, I’ll have to pay tax if I give you PAN details. After insisting multiple times, he started talking in bad language so I gave up and decided to shift.  When I vacated the room, while doing clearances, he said your rent was increased to 14500 in October! When every month I was paying him cash, he didn’t tell me that he increased the rent from his own wish! While clearance he was talking to me in a loud haryanvi tone in order to extract maximum money he can. And he returned only 800 bucks to me when actually he was supposed to return 3500/-. I paid to close the case and returned with tears in my eyes. This was one story of harassment by the landlord.
The new place where I shifted has cleared everything beforehand. Asked me 500 bucks to get police verification done. Said he’ll give receipts and share PAN card details as well.
When actually I was about to pay, he says he’ll take payment only in cash and won’t share PAN card details as well.
I posted about it on ‘Flats and flat mates’ group on Facebook. He somehow tracked it and asked me to delete the post and threatens to take legal action on me if I defame his property!
Also he told that no one in U block will give me PAN details, go and send all of them in jail.
The most important things is why no one else complains. I talked to a lot of people and most of them gave this advice, ‘fill the pan card details of any non income person’. And my ethics didn’t allow me to follow this advice.
This is how it’s a win win for both parties who are cheating on taxes!
I feel helpless and disappointed with this scam called renting business I’m gurgaon.
Our hard earned money is being exploited so badly and no one is batting an eye! I feel intimidated by the way these people talk! Hence I chose this medium to spread my voice.
A friend of mine advices me to submit  the complaint on this grievance portal. (PFA the screenshot). I happily did so and got a response the next day.
The response says, “no action required”.
Really?! If this won’t shatter my faith in government then what will? What impression you get from this? That government doesn’t believe that tax evasion is a crime! That it supports corruption!
Please share this message as it’s really shocking and disheartening. Probably the social media cell of the government would take a look into it.

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