Delhi Police Assaults Women For Opposing Narendra Modi

(An urgent email via Vrinda Grover)

On 6th of February, there was a large protest against the invitation of and talk by Narendra Modi by SRCC Students Union, organised by various students groups and individuals. The road in front of SRCC had 3 rows of barricades on each side, some of which were subsequently broken. The Delhi police was extremely vicious in their handling of the situation, and were both highly sexist and communal. They passed lewd comments about women standing near the barricade, made kissing gestures and noises, asked women to come closer and talk to them. They also very openly stared and laughed at women in a way that was clearly sexual. When a woman student demanded that women police officers be present at the barricade as well to confront women students, she was told aap aurat kahaan se hain. Women were also told repeatedly to give up as theyre too weak to break barricades. Some women were told that they should stop protesting or they would be meted the same treatment as women in Gujarat in 2002. At the police station, women students were groped and felt up by the police when they tried to enter.

Anti-Modi ProtestIn addition to this the police also detained 8 protestors. ABVP students were allowed on the other side of the barricade, one even climbed the water cannon, but none of them were detained. This was despite them threatening students, particularly women, by saying things like “jo gujrat ke aurton ka haal kiya wohi tera hoga”. The police, after lathi charging students, laughing and joking as they did so, went on to drag students and throw them in the middle of ABVP and RSS activists, where they were further beaten up.

They were attacked by both ABVP goons and the police, who were supporting each other. The police were particularly obnoxious, whistling and winking at the female students (who were also groped at the Thana) and beating them (and the boys) up sadistically with lathis in addition to water cannons. The ABVP threatened them with Gujarat-like consequences – “Jo Gujarat mein huya vaise tujh me ghusa doonga” while brandishing a stick and similar things. Meanwhile the police were watching and laughing at the girls and other protestors and saying things like “kar le jo karna hai, kya lar payegi” and openly supporting the ABVP students, who were even dancing on the water cannons as they aimed at the protestors. The worst is that they would pick up some of the protestors (including young women) and push them into a crowd of ABVP goons who would then beat them. Some protestors were picked up and taken to the police station, and beaten up on the way (including on the head and groin with lathis). NONE of this shocking stuff is coming out in any of the news reports.


  1. What utter tripe. If anything of this sort had happened the media would be all over it – remember, this is a congress government that would be very happy to vilify Modi in any way. The video clearly demonstrates that the protestors were the ones going violent, without instigation from the cops.

    I am not a fan of Modi but such emails make it more difficult for anyone to believe any such news. You denigrate the efforts of all of us fighting violence against women, by lying like this. Please don’t cry wolf.

    • When people say “I am not a fan of Modi but…”, “I am not a supporter of the BJP/RSS/Shiv Sena/Bajrang Dal/Sri Rama Sene etc BUT…” you know what’s coming.

    • chandana anusha

      The protestors were’nt violent. The videos blurr the boundaries between the protestors and the supporters. The supporters were extremely abusive and disruptive, and honestly fit well with the stereotype of men training in akhadas – they were all large, mainly young, and muscular, gelled hair, oozing with virile agressive masculinity. It is really interesting to note that there was NOT ONE woman among the supporters – with their slick ‘’ posters, greeting modi and in the same line, calling for the death of terrorists, reverberating, therefore with communal overtones.
      The complicity of the police was MORE THAN OBVIOUS. It was blatant, they allowed these raucous goons beyond the barricades, with there ‘welcome modi posters’. In fact, one even got on the top of the police car and waved his poster both vindictively, and triumphantly. The police officer did not forcefully, bring him down, made weak, half-hearted attempts at curtailing him.

      Significantly, the ‘supporters’ seemed to be present, only to confront and provoke the protestors, rather than actually address modi. They were reactionary, disruptive, and their only purpose seemed to be to outdo the protestors.

      • There must be reason why the police may be supporting them.have u ever tried applying ur mind?
        NaMO is a real progressive leader and protects the interests of the majority group’s as well as minorities interests too.We all have choices to make in life n i see u on the other side.Just because majority r not on ur side, they r nt wrong.Being virile n strong doesnt make one wrong.Thats how youths shud be.U r just a disgruntled human being who is cribbing because her voice was suppressed among the majority.

    • yup fully agree.. one side you say delhi police not able
      to protect women and otherside you creating useless unwanted burden
      on police… huh! cumon young guys grow up..
      if you get little bit time thn once watch modi speech at srcc

  2. It is easy to condemn things as utter tripe when one is not a direct participant, isn’t it? Modi does it, I suppose that makes it fair, yes? The Congress wing (NSUI) and the BJP wing (ABVP) find it more expedient to stand together againt the common adversary, that is the unified left front (AISA, SFI etc.).

    Also denigrate your efforts of ‘all of us fighting violence against women’? Who are these ‘all of us’? Women don’t need safety/protection, they need agency rather, and rights more importantly. The misogyny apparent in the treatment of this protest might not directly affect you, but please don’t pose crusader for those you think need to ‘fight’ against ‘violence’.

    You seem to have a lot of faith in the same ‘media’ who took a good few years to make available fully what happened in 2002, in its twisted manifestations nonetheless.

  3. A voting was done by the cllg authorities bfr NaMo’s visit and overwhelming majority wanted him to visit cllg campus.If a small group like Leftists want to protest. let them protest what can he do? haters will be dere every where we go. n if this girl’s words r true then i think Delhi police exceeded their limits.But these protesters shud ustand that they cannt expect things to be rosy in such scenario.Things will n get dirty.n it may not be the police it may be the ABVP students too.Things does get dirty.If they cant take hits n move on they shud stop protesting.

  4. Yes guys,

    This is what happens when he goes to make a speech somewhere. So you can imagine what will happen when he gets voted in as PM. Utter tripe? Clearly you don’t understand Indian law enforcement. Congress will be all over it? This is the grassroots level we are taking about.

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