In Defence of Anti-Romeo Squads


Romeo Montague (Italian: Romeo Montecchi) is one of the title characters in William Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet. Romeo, the son of Montague and his wife, secretly loves and marries Juliet, a member of the rival House of Capulet. Forced into exile by his slaying of Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt, in a duel, Romeo commits suicide upon hearing falsely of Juliet’s death.

In 2017 India, Romeo Montecchi, the 17-year-old protagonist of William Shakespeare’s famous play ‘The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet’ has morphed into a whole new avatar. He is no longer someone who loves deeply and is willing to die even at the thought of his loved one being hurt. India’s Romeo is someone who stalks women, harasses them, brainwashes them into loving him, takes them out to parks, cafes and even movies in complete violation of our cultural practices and proud traditions. He is a blot on the face of our 5000-year-old civilization and is someone who has to be stopped before things get out of hand. A job that the state machinery is more than willing to undertake.

The constitution of the anti-Romeo squad by India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, to keep young boys and girls within the bounds of a traditional society is a move that has to be welcomed by every proud Indian who cannot help drawing upon our ancient and glorious culture. The anti-Romeo squad is a step towards preserving that glory in which we, and our ancestors, have basked for the last several thousand years.

Just imagine a scenario where there are no anti-Romeo squads and boys and girls are free to intermingle with each other, probably fall in love and, God forbid, marry each other. If there are no anti-Romeo squads, how will we perpetuate the purity of races, when boys and girls will want to walk up to the altar without any consideration for religion, race or caste?

How will the parents of girls ruin themselves to pay some random stranger for the favour of sleeping with their daughter in the name of marriage and then provide them with grandchildren who will be the ‘solace of their old-age’?
Anti- Romeo squads are a boon to the Indian society, and are an important step towards preserving our cultural practices. If you have to perpetuate the purity of each of the 6000-odds castes of Hinduism, you should have anti-Romeo squads.

If you want to ensure that your girls don’t marry out of their own choice, anti-Romeo squads are what you need. If you want to make sure that the boy’s parents get a good dowry for their son then an anti-Romeo squad are a necessity.
If you want to protect the sanctity of the vagina of your prospective bahu and make sure that you are getting a virgin daughter-in-law, anti-Romeo squads are just what the doctor prescribed.
Imagine a scenario, where there are no anti-Romeo squads. Young men and women will get to spend time with each other. They will probably find out not only each other’s likes and dislikes, but also what they themselves would like in a partner. Imagine a situation where our young people begin to reject the random stranger that their parents present before them as life partners and start demanding more ‘compatible’ wives or husbands.

And horrors of horrors imagine our youngsters discovering the joys of sex for pleasure and not just as a sacred duty for procreation.

The idea of anti-Romeo squads is neither new nor unique. Their philosophy has been perpetuated in various ways, whether it is by our indignation against women in short skirts, our displeasure with couples celebrating Valentine’s Day, our resentment of women celebrating New Year’s Eve or our ire against young people in pubs.

When we have created a society where even relationships as sacred as marriage are based on religion, caste and gotras, our outrage against the anti-Romeo squads reeks of hypocrisy. Don’t we all want to keep our daughters in check before that ‘perfect stranger’ comes along, agrees to the right amount of money and gold, and we can announce to the world that our daughter is now ready to be wedded to and bedded by a man she has probably never seen before.
Anti-Romeo squads are completely compatible with a patriarchal society, which for long has found its pride in keeping its women under control under the guise of ‘protection’. In a society, which specifies what a girl, should eat (or drink), how a girl should dress or what kind of jobs she should hold, it is but the next step to tell her whom she should hang around with, fall in love or even get married.

So instead of all this outrage against the anti-Romeo squads it is time that we accept them as the next logical step in our society, which celebrates both hatred of the other and patriarchy with impunity.

Either that, or we go back and question our celebrated traditions and culture, which we are so proud of.







  1. The root of the problem is that Hindus boys & girls are not allowed to mix socially. Probably laid down by illiterate patriarchs from the Vedic Age. But that’s Hindu society for you
    So the boys can only think of girls sexually and look for opportunities to tease/rape them. In one of his early essays, VS Naipaul lamented the absence of basic social graces among Hindus (including relaxed manner, ready smile, basic civility) in Hindu society. In Indian movies that I have watched online, boy meets girl but the boy’s gait & gestures tend to be clumsy and his choice of words contrived. The girls tend to be OK.
    Look at depictions of Hindus in western film or TV. In the past it was as snake charmer or jungle boy. Today we have Apu the petty shopkeeper in The Simpsons or the Indian chap in the Big Bang series.

    • Agree with everything except the first part about the conservatism in India being the result of “illiterate patriarchs from the Vedic Age”. The pre-Islamic scriptures, stories and architecture in India paint a very sexually liberal society. Even most ancient temples have structures of explicit sex lined in their walls.

      The taboo about men and women socialising and wearing “immodest” clothes only came during the Islamic period. Women started covering up more in fear of sexual assault by the invaders( similar to how many German and Swedish women now stopped wearing mini skirts when they walk through Muslim areas). The regressive Islamic laws also added to the problem.

      It’s ironic that the self proclaimed “Hindu defenders” are actually practising the culture of their invaders.

      • The ‘invaders’ lost power in the late 18th century with the victory of the British. How come the Hindus kept following Muslim injunctions instead of the more modern trends promoted by the British (who were around for 200 years)? And are the current BJP-RSS bigots any more enlightened?
        The solution to the social crisis in Hindu society is to promote more social mixing of the sexes. This calls for a code of manners, a primer of polite phrases etc etc
        Even so, will the BJP-RSS jokers like Modi, Rajnath, Baghwat, the new UP CM allow this?? They will probably refer you to the glorious era of the Ramayana, Geeta & the like.

  2. Its a great movie – When the so called molestation cases remain unsolved with no actions these squads can create a change. However the teams work independently not letting the other religious group to create a burn of moral policing as reports. But isn’t this a good platform to be considered when we lack one that can be considered positively! I suggest people read more on this at

  3. come on! let’s accept it. these goons have no problems with hindu girls mingling with hindu boys, or muslim girls with hindu boys, or any other intercaste combination. they are programmed to be activated only when they sniff a muslim boy with hindu girl. they feel that eventually the girl will convert to islam, produce babies, and the man will eventually the man will convert 3 more hindu girls and do the same. this has been their reasoning for more than 200 years, although the echoes are more raucous today. the point they miss here is that, hindu girls are themselves attracted towards the muslim boy, his family and the islamic culture. islam dosen’t objectify women, unlike hinduism.