Dear V K Singh, we won’t allow you to abolish reservations! But thanks for showing your caste-hatred

BJP govt’s Minister of State for External Affairs V K Singh put his caste-bias on display during a political rally in UP’s Unnao. Exhorting the people to agitate against the basic tener of social justice in the Indian constitution, V K Singh said if people demand, the government can abolish caste-based reservations.

After this statement, the Modi govt must clarify if it is its official policy or just yet another instance of a BJP minister putting one’s foot in his mouth. Earlier also, V K Singh has displayed his contempt for dalits. 


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    Demands for abolishing the reservations completely have been raised earlier by many right-wimg supporters including ministers. The party and the government were ambiguous in the response. While the statements remained uncondemned, the wiring of dalits and other categories of people coming under ‘ reserved’ category continues. This is double standard of the ruling party

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