Dear TVF, Here Is How Not To Deal With Sexual Harassment Complaints

Harnidh Kaur

At least try to sound less like a gunda, TVF? You could’ve typed out ‘tu bahar mil saale’ and you’d be less intimidating. Not even a mention of you actually LOOKING INTO THE MATTER.

There are WAYS to make sure allegations are dealt with properly.This is not just a PR disaster,but a lesson in how sometimes humility helps. You should’ve had a Committee Against Sexual Harassment(CASH) as per Vishakha Guidelines of the Supreme Court. That’s just basic when you’re dealing with content that may come off as sensitive. A CASH is not passive as people would have you believe. It’s not as fanged as I would want it, sure, but it’s still a GOOD first respondent.

Now that the allegations HAVE come (and are being corroborated) STOP BEING DEFENSIVE that’s literally giving people a reason to hate you. There are two ways you can go:

First: Set up a CASH NOW. Right now. Posthaste. ANNOUNCE you’ve set up a CASH and send out a notif about it.

Second: Get an independent body/person to do an audit and speak with existing and past employees. Do it intensively and send out updates. This is a little more effective (perception wise) because third party=more trust. CASH would be internal and you’re already compromised af.

Bring out a string of measures to make the workplace more safe. Do this irrespective of the reports. DOn’T PUT OUT STATEMENTS YOURSELF. Don’t send out emails or press releases without having a PR person look into it. Your tone right now can portray you as an aggressor. Don’t, under any circumstance, try to ‘silence’ voices internally because they’ll come to SM (where the atmosphere is already charged)

Right now in my head TVF= That Virulent Fuckery because I haven’t seen a sexual harassment allegation handled any worse in recent times. This isn’t even ABOUT the current complaint anymore. You’re sinking into a pit you’re going to pull yourself out of POST all this. Buck up.

This is why all you fools need policy people in your organisations. We streamline your dickery and make sure your idiocy doesn’t ripple much.



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