Dear Tripura Governnor, You Should Be Ashamed of Patronising Criminals and Silencing Citizens When Exposed

After Soibal Dasgupta’s expose’ last week on India Resists, about extortion and trafficking racket run by Hindutva groups associated with RSS-BJP, Tripura Governnor Mr. Tathagata Roy blocked Soibal on twitter after he and other users tagged him and asked questions, as Mr. Roy’s photos appeared with some of the accused mentioned in the expose’. The accused was seen engaged in a private meeting with the Hon’ble Governor in several photographs but the Governor called them photoshopped when questioned by readers. Here is an open letter to Tripura Governor and old-time RSS functionary Mr. Tathagata Roy, by Soibal Dasupta –

Dear Sir

To start with, I have nothing new to say but an eternal fact from antiquity written thousands of years ago in Mandukya Upanishad.

सत्यमेव जयते नानृतं
Truth alone triumphs, not falsehood.

How ironical it is that we Indians have wholeheartedly accepted Satyamev Jayate as our national motto but ignored the rest of it. Truth is referential; today even the second law of thermodynamics hasn’t remained a truth anymore then how can we define an absolute truth? Yours can be different from mine but does that mean we frame falsehood as truth? Falsehood never wins, we are required to remember once again, just like our forefathers knew it when they memorised these words from the Mandukya Upanishad.

Recently, I published an exposé on how extortionists and human traffickers are working for the Bharatiya Janata Party that was as usual not picked up by the mainstream media. However, this time some readers chose to tweet various photos of you with the accused Sunnyur Rahman in what clearly appears to be private meetings and also sharing a stage at an event that was published in the article. I still fail to understand what a dignified man like you could be discussing with someone who is allegedly known for ‘supplying girls’ to leaders. To be honest, the picture shocked us, the common people and we are still trying to understand why wouldn’t answer in a straightforward manner.

Sir, whether you had a discussion with the alleged trafficker on some other issue or had some kind of a deal, it is entirely your personal matter on which neither I nor anyone shall interfere; it is your right. but since you are seen with your ADC in the background, as a governor you certainly owe an answer to the people. As a Hindu, can you say that you have never met Sunnyur Rahman and these pictures are fake by swearing on the Bhagwat Gita?

I am much younger than your daughters. You can consider me to be like your son and I won’t ever disrespect you. But look at your position today, sir. There was a time when Madana Misra gracefully accepted his defeat to Adi Sankaracharya and today, you openly lied that I edited the pictures and you never had a private meeting with Sunnyur Rahman. Just think about me and thousands of Bengali youths who are given an example of falsehood by your action. Is this what you want to leave as your legacy? I do respect you, for you have seen life more than me but what have you shown me? Why should I or any Bengali youth walk on the path of truth when we can see a fatherly figure giving us an example of falsehood? However, it isn’t your lie but your tweet to show us how big a celebrity you are that has pained me more.

Sir, for a moment I can give you a benefit of doubt as to my knowledge you haven’t won any election; not even the school and college class representative ones. So let me tell you the secret, people’s leaders aren’t celebrities. They are representatives of the people, given a position by the people and they are of the people. It isn’t about the party you are affiliated to or what political ideology you endorse. If you can make that one-to-one connection with your people, you will definitely win even if you are an independent candidate. It is so very easy to say, “its photoshopped” but can you deny your relationship with the co-accused Ambikanand Maharaj or Amit Roy of Hindu Jagran Manch? You could take the pain to troll me yourself but couldn’t you ask the authorities to investigate the issue? If you know that man in the picture by some other name, shouldn’t it concern you that you may be a victim of fraud? Didnt it even shock you that someone photographed with you and sharing the stage at BJP events is accused of such terrible crimes? Is the life of Bengalis too cheap for you? You don’t care about girls sold like cattle? Instead of asking for more information in other to take suitable action or promising to look into the matter, you sought to dismiss the article and then went on to block everyone who asked you about the pictures that surfaced? Is that a guilty conscience?

Sir, do you know why Meghnad is such a common name among Bengalis but not “Bibhishan” even though the latter was on Rama’s side? Because Meghnad chose to die fighting while Bibhishan chose to take up the side destined to win leaving his people behind. These sting operations were conducted by me in association with activists of Bajrang Dal and other Hindutva outfits of Bengal. They came together against Sunnyur Rahman and his companions because his victims were mainly Hindu girls. For me, the exploitation of any human irrespective of any distinction was motivation enough to collaborate with these rebel right-wingers. It is the hypocrisy of the senior BJP leaders that has forced the lower rank members to unite against the leadership. Villainizing me won’t be of any use as your own party members, the poor men who considered you and other celebrity leaders gods, have now witnessed the stone idol shattering into pieces in front of their eyes.

So Mr. Tathagata Roy, please speak up at least for the sake of Justice and to reaffirm what it means to be an ethnic Bengali. Generations after generation we have been taught that Justice comes before any demigod. Let it pass to the next generations.


Soibal Dasgupta



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