Dear Smriti Irani, get yourself an educated advisor asap. And restore scholarships.

Smriti Irani,
Minister of Human Resource Development (MHRD),
Govt of India.

You may not fathom this simple preposition, but not every student of higher studies want to become a lecturer and therefore would not give National Eligibility Test (NET) required for government jobs as lecturer. There are many who want to contribute intellectually by research, activism, leadership development and expertise. How can a Nation-State arrest such possibilities by making scholarships merely ‘Teaching-job’ oriented?

You have eliminated all the dedicated researchers at the first screening round, of any possible intellectual pursuits, other than teaching. I as a research scholar, take this as an attempt to produce ‘Sincerely yours’ servant class who would enter into the contract with government right after Post Graduate level, suffocating the possibility of research and intellectual independence in India.

Hence, this is an attack on India’s IQ and future.

Enough is enough, get yourself an educated advisor asap, please.

Sheeba Aslam Fehmi
Research Fellow,
New Delhi
Smriti Irani cartoon



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