Dear RSS, thanks for the history lessons!

Jyoti Khera

Jyoti is a freelance writer based in California. Formerly a technology professional, she writes about films, food, and social issues. She is very concerned and vocal about issues pertaining to Indian politics, governance, and media.

My knowledge of history has increased so much since BJP/RSS came to power. Until now the name Tipu Sultan just brought back vague memories of a swanky Sanjay Khan riding a horse and enthralling us with his sword every week on tv. Now thanks to the wholesome twosome, I got re-acquainted with the real Tipu again. From Aurangzeb to Subhash Chandra Bose, I have learnt more about historical figures in a year than I did in my 12 years of schooling! I am now ready to ace an exam in what used to be my weakest subject in school. We are unnecessarily worrying about these RSS guys changing the school curriculum and textbooks. For if they can teach a dreary subject like history to an old hags like me, for sure they are on to something. Who cares if it is little mangled or what! (what do historians do anyways!)

They actually make history quite fun. and colorful! Instead of glorifying and learning about the work done by these past leaders, as we were taught, I have learnt so much about their personal life. Who knew Nehru was such a philanderer! And such a multi tasker – for how else would he manage to take part in freedom struggle, be the country’s first prime minister and lay the foundation of a pseudo-secular India, and find time to flirt with half a dozen white women! And that rose was not a rose. For 67 years what we thought was a rose was actually a cigar! yes!

I don’t know why all these brainy liberals are so exasperated with all this noise. They are not understanding the long term strategy. No no not to distract from issues like poverty, farmers, inflation, pollution..Oh come on, those are on auto-pilot anyways. Not even to divide the nation for votes..ok that too. But their main motive is something else. They are actually providing a great service. Adult education! yes! You see all the housewives who used to be glued to those inane daily soaps, are now learning about the (un)glorious life of Tipu Sultan. Entertainment ka entertainment, aur padhai ki padhai! It also keeps the opposition gainfully employed. For after all how long can they refrain from stooping to the lowest common denominator. so let them fight over Tipu’s character instead of over real issues and causing problems. Better that than OROP. And media loves it. hing lage naa fitkari, rang bhi.. smile emoticon The biggest bang for buck. days after days it consumes them. After all the nation wants to know. all about Tipu Sultan. 24×7. It is also the safest. For we saw what happened when cow and beef were created as issues. They back fired! (Who knew Biharis were so advanced)! You can call it course correction..Introspection? haha good one!



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