Dear Mr. Kejriwal, Your Govt Should Have No Business Promoting The Godman’s Tamasha

Dear Chief Minister,

Now that even the army has expressed its resentment against being used for Mr. Mr. Ravi Shankar’s grand tamasha on Yamuna, it’s shocking that your government is facilitating the event. And NO, Sri Sri’s event is not a tourism event. Just having foreign delegates doesn’t make the event your Tourism Minister’s business. Even Muslim or Christian or Buddhist organisations can gather delegates from a number of countries. Will your government support and subsidies all such events?

Even before this episode, your government indulged in the dangerous cocktail of politics and religion by organising Saraswati Puja in February this year in New Delhi’s Central park. Such decisions by the Government of Delhi violates the spirit of the Directive Principles of state policy enshrined in the Constitution and sets an unacceptable administrative and legal precedent, because it will open doors open for misuse of public money. Citizens who are religious believers are free to hold any religious ritual at their will and expense. They can also seek state intervention if their freedom of religion is constrained in any way. But as regards sponsorship, the state machinery should stay neutral.

As the NGT order suggests, despite lowering the fine eventually, the serious nature of damage that this event is doing to the already fragile ecology of Yamuna river is simply unacceptable. It’s absurd that such a disastrous event is getting your support. This entire episode just shows how powerful these self-styles religious Furus have become and they enjoy patronage across the political spectrum.

The Hindutva brigade is doing everything to give it a communal color and get away with brazen violations by claiming its for Hindu glory. Activists and journalists are openly being threatened by Mr. Mr.’s associates.

Distancing yourself from this event and asking your Tourism Minister to resign is the least that we expect from you. Pandering to all religions is not the secularism enshrined in our constitution.


A Delhi Citizen







  1. Where is AAP press conf on this,just as there is after every controversy where there is an advantage ?

    • There is a huge advantage for AAP to be seen as supporting Hindu causes and weaken the BJP base a bit, clearly them not turning this into a political event shows their maturity in responding to genuine people issues.

      • Fact of the matter is…..AAP+BJP+Sri 420 all connived to keep this thing secret until the last moment so that no objections and investigations can be done about the process undertaken for this event ….but to their bad luck they got caught.

      • This has nothing to do with ‘hinduism’ its a purely private event with no mention abt it in any holy scripture.And anyways..a chap who can charge royalty from his followers for teaching Sudarshan Kriya has zero in common with hinduism.YOu seem to suggest that hindus love breaking the law.

        • sort of…but not completely true. The teachers in AOL are salaried teachers. The salaries and many other social projects are funded by that money.

          • Are you saying Sri Sri will not allow anyone except his ‘teachers’ to teach sudarshan kriya ?Its like my english teacher in school charging me royalty for every instance of speaking that…try another reason.

          • Again shallow thinking. Sudarshan Kriya is a skill, and is a certain format of many other kinds of kriya available. Do you know that AOL teachers undergo a formal training, for months before they are allowed to teach? do you know that they have to go for continuing education skills. Much of that includes reading many old texts, much on other present day modern knowledge. What you see, is a very very small portion. You see it is like you think that your math teacher was chosen because she looked a certain way and not because she got a distinction in mathematics…..:)) after having pursued the subject for many years…

          • Why has he patented the sudarshan Kriya ? Is it his invention ? What I do after learning it (by paying) is for me to decide.Not him.

          • Because people started to open their own shops. And what he did create, is a system with a certain understanding. Teaching it without that basic understanding —can be dangerous to people. Yoga is not be taught without getting proper certification, and many yoga schools have their own certification and expect you to use their name to forward the lineage. You are welcome to follow it, then do more sadhna and alter it……it will take effort and time and much introspection, practice and experimentation. after that you can create what you want.

            look, i do not agree with all of AOL, but I will defend their right to patent and copyright. They work hard, and this knowledge that is given today does not come out of nothing, there is much practice and effort that goes in. When the courses are held, large rooms are rented, food is provided, electricity and sound arrangement is done…..all of that costs money. and then if you are interested check out the charitable work that the organisation does. better than any NGO that wants only to critique India’s heritage

          • Listen my friend.,what I do after learning something is up to me.No college/schoo/gurukul is responsible for the deeds of a student.He may use it for good or bad.The teacher need not ask for his pound of flesh everytime the student passes on his knowledge.I guess thats not such a difficult concept to understand.

          • I know what is sudarshan kriya and I know sri sri also learnt it from somewhere.Its not like he was born with it.Does he pay royalty to Patanjali or his decendants for teaching it ? Stop being ridiculous….or maybe thats also an art taught by sri sri

          • So, some of this has been answered before, and I will not continue to talk about the same thing. But one last time.

            Your problem is that Sri Sri: Charges money, 2. has patented the sudarshan oriya.

            I know what is sudarshan kriya and I know sri sri also learnt it from somewhere.

            If you know anything –do share how much of Patanjali Yoga sutras have you studied? Patanjali yoga sutras are at theoretical level. Arriving at Sudarshan Kriya was totally Sri Sri’s work. He did not learn it from Yoga Sutras. Show how little we know about our own books today.

            I know Sudarshan Kriya too, and have followed it for a while, with amazing results. I also had the same questions as you do, which I posed to several people, and did some of my own research. Trying to understand patents and copyrights.

            So, since Sudarshan Kriya is no where in the Yoga sutras, he is not paying any royalty. But for sure, the US has a 33 billion dollar yoga industry and it pays zero royalty to India. May be from that stand point, you understand —imagine if India had copyrighted yoga, the amount of royalties India would be getting today…

            Other than the financial part, Sudarshan Kriya is not something that you learn by one attempt. The teachers themselves go for several updates and refresher courses. The breath is controlled a certain way. Breath, which his the outer version of prana, is a subtle and yet very powerful force. If used without knowledge can cause much damage.

            You cannot take a few yoga lessons and think you know yoga. Just because you have taken one course does not mean you know how to breathe properly especially during various aspects of Sudarshan Kriya. It is so detailed—even the way you breathe affects the impact of the whole process.

            Oh and so now please…Stop being ridiculous….

          • Dont bandy about your ignorance about Yoga. There are good established schools of Yoga in India especially such as the Bihar School. Btw although I do not like that guy either- I feel that Ramdev had done much more to popularize yoga than Ravishankar.

          • And do you realize that many of the ‘steps’ taught in AOL is not really yoga- but some variations of steps taken from behavioural labs. Ravishankar is a fake but there is nothing original about this fake.

          • Tell me again, do you really understand how to debate?? Sudharshan Kriya are a set of breathing exercises. Yoga is separate.

          • So your understanding is that Yoga does not involve any breathing exercises?

          • Look Mr. Harish, I will not continue with this –we we are going in circles. Not sure you know, but debating is also an art. So, here, Yoga as the world knows is only one kind. Hatha Yoga, technically there are 4-5 kinds. may be Hatha yoga can be considered a part of Raja Yoga. Breathing exercises are a part, but not the way Sudharshan Kriya is taught. And for the last time Yoga Sutras are on theoretical level. Sri Sri, like many others, are bringing it on practical level, in their own ways.

          • No sir, Hatha yoga is not a part of Raja Yoga. Breathing exercises are a part of Raja Yoga. And Yoga the way it is practiced in India is not at all ‘theoretical’ – it is fully practical. And don’t confuse between Yoga and religion.

          • we are going about the same thing over and over again. The practice of yoga is ‘practice’. Yoga sutras are theoretical, upon which Yoga, the hath a yoga, the exercises developed. So, the whole conversation was that Sri Sri did not create anything new, and the point is that he created something practical from theories. And you are the ones who are confusing. Yoga came out of a hindu mind. nothing to confuse there.

          • Ok, what ignorance about Yoga?? Have you read Patanjali’s yoga sutra? I speak from having read and reflected on a good portion of it. I have engaged with scholars, not merely yoga practitioners, but scholars who write about such stuff. Baba Ramadev (its nice to use these titles, shows our civilised manner of respecting these people)–works within the country. Sri Sri outside of India. Sri Sri’s focus is not just yoga, it is also various other activities, social service is one of them, which they work on in their DSN course, divya samaj Nirman!! So, you see, you need more information and research and study before you critique something.

          • So only people who can pay money are eligible to learn and spread the good message ? I think patanjali made a mistake by not charging royalty for yoga.

          • You see Patanjali and other yogis were always supported by the kings, and their gurukuls. Since the British broke that system, finances have to come from somewhere. Next, it is not only those who can pay, often times, many who cannot pay are given free camps, something that is not advertised. Those who work with the organisation know this.

          • if Yoga is so great, why doesn’t the BJP government strengthen the steps taken by earlier governments in teaching yoga in schools? Instead why are such idiots promoted?

          • Ok, the fact that your sentence started with ‘if yoga is so great’ means it does not deserve a response. Yoga is great. BJP is coming around to it. And you have seen the amount of difficulties they have had in implementing anything.

            Sri Sri is not promoted, his organisation works in 120 countries and people are crazy to attend this. I have attended another one of their festival and it is something to watch—

          • There are well meaning people who are putting Yoga to test in terms of its efficacy and some of these studies have had okay results. But if you have objection to someone using ‘if’ to refer to its effectiveness, you should understand that it is guys like you who give it the status of a ‘pseudo science’. If you do not believe that the current government promotes people like Ravishankar, I wonder which country you live in.

          • I am not sure. Many of the teachers in AOL are volunteering without taking any salary. The only one benefiting seems to be Ravishankar and AOL.

          • AOL employs a large number of people around the world!! That it benefits Sri Sri only is a myth. You cannot have the work on the scale that AOL is—and not hire a large number of people, like Red Cross–much is volunteer work, and much is salaried people. They also pay competitive salaries to attract people–so that they can combine a spiritual way of life with a regular job.

  2. Benny Hin visit to Bangalore, facilitated with closure of air field to organise his event for 5days, by then karnatak Govt
    Every year, on the banks and on river bed of Pampa river, christian associations gather to show their ‘strength’ and Keral Gov provides all factilities including building pantoons, free water, free power, sanitation, policing etc..
    But being a Hindu hater, you selectively outrage as a true commie ‘atheist’ 😀

    • Learn to distinguish between a ‘haat’ and a religious congregation. If you do not understand, read up on this. The one you are describing on River Pampa retains only a peripheral religious significance now- it is a haat where trade is the most important objective. If any group wants to conduct such things anywhere- they should pay for the damage. Simple solution.

      • See—you move around the topic and think you have anything important to add to the debate. Simple question…..Does Benny Hinn pay? Do Christian organisations pay? AOL at this time is bringing more business to Delhi as well….and the festival wrapped pretty good…

        • I dont know who the __ Benny Hinn is, but if he is using public property for personal use, he should be made to pay. Or anyone else for that matter. Hope you can understand this simple sentence.

          • A simple google search would tell you. But that is not important, as eevajay pointed out. The point is that these are international events—did Indira Gandhi pay for asian games? did MM Singh pay for common wealth games? As I provided the link else place….AOL cleaned the Yamuna, was never talked about by the media…

      • I know abt BennyHin, Christian congress on river pampa, and how the rules bent not only to give permissions but State Gov spends to facilitate such. Take it easy, Issue is not your ignorance but selective coma our Media, NGT, certain NGOs suffer

  3. Rajeshkumar Srivastava

    This is what I had told in my blog. The present chaos at JNU and the considered stand of AAP has posed a threat of erosion of support base of anti BJP political parties including Congress and communists.
    The Communists have smelled this quickly and have started pushing AAP away from the battle ground.
    But it is too late now. BJP and AAP has done some more cementing on their foundation.
    Please read this.

    • This is not anything strategic by Kejriwal. He merely happens to be another of the brainwashed shishyas of this fake guru.

  4. If a lot of citizens want this event, then the government has to ensure their safety and well being. That’s all the Delhi government is doing. The scale of the event is significant enough to warrant government oversight and support.

  5. Tej Prakash

    I don’t simply understand why some community event be it any religion must cause problem to this writer. People have faith and they will exercise faith. Is the next India is going to diminish all the Culural aspects of India and make it next atheist country. Is it necessary to react on everything related to Hinduism. Could you write this article for some other faith. I bet not. In America, they have christian convention, no one stops them as Christianity is in majority and yes they get subsidy too. What problem Indian Hindus itself has with their own major culture. Pseudo – Modernism is not the way, Every country give subsidy to the major culture living there. Every country is going through turmoil not only us. Please go check other countries, they are in more turmoil than us in terms of cultural, women safety and finance. We are still better.
    Kind of free speech you get here is tremendous and we don’t have gratitude for it. Major question is “How can it be called as communal-ism when the 70% of culture exercise one faith?” These young writers! and By the way I don’t favor any religion but It is proven that the every country’s major culture has right to celebrate their faith freely and it is not communal-ism. DO YOU LET SOMEONE ELSE DECIDE THE RULES FOR YOUR HOME? Your kids may have different behaviour. Don’t you order the same dish if majority family member ask for it in a restaurant?

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