Dear Kiren Rijiju, a minister exhorting goons to attack students is shameful!

Even the official probe panel appointed to investigate the incidents of last year in JNU agrees it was not JNU student leaders but masked men who raised slogans. But still, the Hindutva brigade and their supportive media continues to peddle lies about Umar Khalid and other students. And now even a Minister of Modi spreading that lie from the top, encouraging the violent goons.

Who were these masked men? Anyone with even minimum knowledge of JNU would know that Umar and other leftist activists are atheist and won’t shout religious slogans. Also, no one can have illusions about Pakistan being a better country. In fact, the whole fight is to stop the majoritarian fundamentalists from turning India into Pakistan!

In Ramjas or in JNU, azadi slogans have been raised demanding freedom from oppression for adivasis, dalits, women, minorities and other suppressed categories of Indian society.

But sanghi propaganda has always been based on malicious lies and shameless rumors.

We will continue to expose you! Down with coward RSS! Your Hindutva pipedreams will never succeed. This country will be governed by constitution.

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