Dear DU, hold this grudge!: an alumni cautions

Dyuti Sudipta

Dear DU,

Hold this grudge. Don’t let it get washed away in the flood of the free alcohol and movie tickets and diaries and pens and chocolates and adventure park trips that they are going to try to bribe you with in less than six months. Hold on to the grudge. Remember everything they have been doing, everything you have been doing, every hit you faced, every time you stood up, every damn thing that kept you from succumbing to their arrogance, their bullying, their abuses, their blows.

In the numbers you came on the streets today, come to your colleges on the next election day and vote these scoundrels out of power. Student politics affect you in more ways than you realize. Don’t remain ignorant, realize the importance of your participation, you’re witnessing what happens when you don’t participate. I am sure you don’t want a replay of this in the following years.

Hold on to the grudge. Wait for September.

With Love,

A very proud alumnus.

(Dyuti is a gender studies student, takes interest in writing about current social and political issues. She can be trolled at @femvocalbhaukal This post has been lifted from her facebook wall: )

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    Newly enrolled students need guidance from their alumni… They should try to inculcate ideological base for the new entrants. Social progress is possible with progressive ideology and the students must be convinced. Mere bullying, alcohol, other forms of physical temporary comforts must not make a student vote for certain union. Progressive thoughts, concrete measures for better college facilities should be prime concern to students and not goonda – ism or violence.

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