Criminalising Rohingyas in India: BJP Shreds India’s Foreign Policy Principles of Respecting Human Rights

Ananya S Guha

There is no silence now on the govt’s part. It has very clearly stated that the Rohingyas have terrorist connections, hence the government has to be careful in providing asylum to them. A very candid way of saying that it is trying to wash its hands of a humanitarian problem. The world now has leaders who have the mentality of extermination. The US and North Korea are strong cases in point. Our govt knows it can get away with this plea. After all terrorism is a threat to the entire world. One can play on this argument, manipulate it and assuage resentment against Muslims in general.In fact it is saying that they are illegal immigrants and will be deported for want of sufficient documents, although some have got valid visas, and some are in the process of getting them ironically following the directions of the Indian govt.

Perhaps Indian history went all wrong with the advent of the Arabs, Turks, Mongols and Mughals? Must not it be corrected with a bark or a bite at the Rohingyas, who have been tortured mercilessly in a neighbouring country? So we must be good neighbours with a country which openly questioned our attack against NSCN activists residing there.

We must bring peace in war. In fact we must buy it in midst of a war against poor hapless people. Yes now I will say Long live the country. But with no cheers, let alone three.When the world is aghast at the onslaught against such people we smile and almost laugh it away. Only it is at the prod of Bangladesh do we awake to our senses.In Manipur some of them have been lodged in jails. A few were deported but they were found to be Myanmarese Buddhists. What a grave mistake we have made. The paths of religion people say show infinity. Not so in the India of our times, which professes to be secularist. Some religions are finite and circumsbribed by heavy indictments.

The problem of refugees and the problem of migration are different. The former arises out of factors like persecution and genocide. The latter is world wide due to better social and economic opportunities.The former has an immediate cause such as war or attacks. Have not countries like Greece rehabilitated Syrian refugees?

The Rohingya Muslims already living in India in sub human conditions do not want to go back to their homeland, which they see as despotic and criminal.

The US which is responsible for world wide intervention and aggrandisement in Islamic countries now ironically feels the pinch.

The perversity of world dominance by flagrant intrusions, has now its subtle ironies and pitfalls. You reap what you sow.

An NDTV programme showed that Rohingyas living in Jammu, Lucknow, Faridabad were by and large tranquil, having commited one or two petty crimes. This was aired on 16.9.017.

Yet we criminalise people based on religions they belong to. We are creating a bedrock of insanity. Long live.We have paradoxically plunged our selves into a debate regarding the issue of refugees, which is an International one and that of illegal immigrants. Regarding refugees it is mandatory for governments or countries to shelter them, in view of a precipitate International crisis. But we are pandering to feelings of right views, which is not only anti human, but is a glaring political move keeping in mind the internal happenings of the country.

The UN should strictly ask all countries to follow International norms in this context.We must recognise the status of the Rohingyas, and not turn a blind eye to such a predicament of human and international dimensions. The supposed connections with Islamic terrorists have to be substantiated, whether they are Rohingyas or not, and vigil may be kept on the ones who are given asylum. That is placing cleverly putting the cart before an elusive horse.

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