CPDR Condemns Cowardly Attack on Govind Pansare and Uma Pansare

Mumbai (16th February 2015/Press Statement) : We are deeply shocked by the news this morning that some unknown assailants fired upon a senior communist leader Govind Pansare and his wife, Mrs. Uma Pansare near their residence in Kolhapur. They were on their usual morning walk when reportedly bike-borne assailants fired five gunshots at the couple. Three bullets hit Com. Pansare and one his wife. People found them in a pool of blood, when they were rushed to a private hospital. The assailants had fled the scene after the incident.

This is an exact repeat of the murder of Narendra Dabholkar in Pune on 20 August 2013. Despite nationwide public outcry over his heinous murder, the Maharashtra Police could not apprehend the culprits.

Com Govind Pansare is a face of progressive opinion in Maharashtra for the last several decades. He had been in forefront in several people’s struggle, the latest being the agitation against the toll. He was outspoken critique of the increasing communalism in politics and anti-people policies of the government and has written popular books to educate masses. His book on Shivaji, countering a communal portrayal of Shivaji had run in several editions.

There is growing lawlessness in Maharashtra by the casteist and communalist elements. The present Hindutva dispensation in power in Maharashtra clearly appears to have emboldened them to go berserk killing people who are critical of them. They want to terrorize progressive Maharashtra by such cowardly acts. Sadly they do not understand that they are strengthening the resolve of millions of Maharashtrians to defeat them.

We pray Com Pansare and his wife get well soon to their active public life.

We demand the Maharashtra government to apprehend the murderers soon and dispel the apprehension in peoples mind that it is sheltering them.


Dr Anand Teltumbde

General Secretary

CPDR, Maharashtra


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