COVID-19: An Appeal from India Resists

COVID-19: An Appeal from India Resists

What can we do at this juncture as Indians and as humans?


Millions of innocent people in India have been left in the lurch by a callous regime which woke up from its slumber too late and has done little more than turning this crisis into an absurd PR exercise on the one hand and an opportunity to further tighten repressive control on the other.

Look around you. Help others as much as you possibly can while maintaining physical distance and obeying the restrictions. While charity and relief in normal times might be patronizing and counter-revolutionary. Not now! Your help might mean the difference between life and death for many.


Those who can read this message on the internet, in English, are privileged compared to most Indians. We must all speak out, especially if and when we see this crisis being used to justify violence and discrimination against weaker sections and even doctors/medical service providers, and the denial of essential services and supplies to them. We must demand that the government immediately announce appropriate relief packages and ensure the nationalisation of our health infrastructure.

For one, we are in urgent need of more testing centres and FREE testing, while providing every form of assistance and protection to the medical community which is on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.

The crisis cannot and must not be used to shut you down when you ask questions and demand accountability – as citizens and as humans.

Let’s use all possible means to demand these basic and vital health services from the government, our local assembly and parliamentary representatives, and the mainstream media.

Let’s also work closely with our local RWAs to make sure domestic helpers, delivery boys, doctors/health service providers are not discriminated against.


Many people in India are unknowingly committing acts that would further deepen the crisis and make them vulnerable to the spread of coronavirus.

Let’s endeavour to widely spread, including through the India Resists platform, authentic and reliable information and directives received from concerned authorities and experts in this regard. We welcome you to share all such information with us at our email address:

Most importantly, stay safe! We are all in this, together.

In solidarity,
IR Team


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