Condemn the attack on students in Jadavpur University by Parishad!

Condemn the attack on students in Jadavpur University by Parishad!

The students who were attack were writing posters against the seminar organised in the e-faculty which invited Dilip kumar Ghosh and other BJP leaders. The students were registering their disillusionment and protest through the posters and not by any violence or hooliganism. They were severely attacked in retaliation by the ABVP.

Jadavpur and Ramjas depicts to different trajectories. Unlike students in Jadavpur university who choose to protest in a peaceful manner and expressed their resistance through art, colours and posters, the ABVP in Ramjas registered their protest through violence, by pelting stones on the organizers and ultimately ensuring cancelation of the event.
Many have often asked us during Ramjas incident that left has often protested against invitation to Swamy or Manmohan Singh in JNU but the difference lies in the way you register your protest.
While we choose to hold a placard, the ABVP decides to do it with stones.

Ultimately protest is essential for every democracy. It shows that dissent is alive. Democracy is alive.

Kawalpreet Kaur

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  1. When the right wing protest, that is legitimate dissent .. when the left and democratic forces protest, they are violently attacked ..! This is the shameful democracy of this country …