A Close Encounter With A Modi-Bhakt: Mohan Guruswamy

Mohan Guruswamy, on his facebook wall

Yesterday I ran into an old classmate from school at our club, where I sought refuge from the traffic lockdown for the First Citizen. He is from a certain part of the country and is quite religious. And hence doubly supportive of Modi.

When my friend sauntered over I knew where we were going. After the usual pleasantries he suggestively asked me: “Dont you think Modi has done a great job in tackling the ‘black money’ menace with demonetisation?’ I knew where this was going. So I shirked the direct question and asked him in turn about his new house? I asked how much? and how much in No. and No.2? He told me. Then I asked if he had a problem rustling up the black component? He knew he was had. I know he has a fairly successful fabrication business so followed up with questions such as “has the factory inspector stopped collecting?’ “Has the boiler inspector stopped taking his fix?” “Have you stopped selling the factory scrap metal in cash?” “Have the general managers who place orders with you stopped taking kickbacks?” Besides I have a pretty good idea of how in his business a good part of the supply to small enterprises was by cash. Clearly this hadn’t changed much

Then he changed tack. He suggestively said that he thought GST was a bad idea? I said it was a good idea to start with but Jaitely and Adhia wrecked it by having too many rates and too much ambiguity, giving lawyers and babus plenty of space to ply their trade. I told him about the original plan to have two rates – 5% and 10%.

He then narrated his experiences with GST in his business. He still had to depend on his sales tax consultant, possibly even more now. He still had to “take care” of the department. At which stage I helpfully suggested for which he would need “No.2”. He now had the look of a deer caught in the headlights.

He agreed that Modi was unable to deliver on most of his promises, but it looks like the temple will come up. I was not so sure about the temple coming up, but agreed that it was an emotive enough issue to get Modi another term.

I told him I had no doubt that Mir Baqi destroyed a temple to build the Babri Masjid, just as Aurangzeb destroyed the Gyanvapi temple to build the Gyanvapi mosque. I also told him that I have seen with my own eyes how the mosque in Mathura literally leans over the purported Krishna Janmabhoomi temple. I also told him that I have read somewhere that in all some 24000 mandirs were broken to make way for mosques and churches all over the country. And that even the Rashtrapati Bhavan on Raisina Hill is where once an ancient Shiva Temple stood.

Even if a small fraction of the jobless was rustled up the destruction of all the “ocular distortions”, as LK Advani once called the late Babri Masjid, the job is easily done. The job of building new mandirs where once mandirs stood can be deemed a job creation scheme. The lakhs crowbars and the spades needed for this monumental task (no pun intended) could be acquired by giving Mudra loans. Yeh na hui gal?


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