PLEASE ENDORSE: Citizens’ statement condemning India’s denial of political asylum to Snowden

Edward Snowden Hope

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We, the undersigned, condemn the Indian government’s decision to deny political asylum to Mr. Edward Snowden. Snowden has upheld the democratic principles by unearthing the illegal and immoral global surveillance by the United States, including of the countries that it considers its allies. He deserves highest praise, not victimization.

It is a shameful blow to India’s independent foreign policy and its ethos of supporting democracy and human rights everywhere. Going beyond the diplomatic surrender, India’s Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid has given a clean chit to the US snooping, claiming it to be legitimate security interest of the US.

We are appalled by this posture of India which claims to be the largest democracy in the world. Real peace in the world can only come if human rights, democracy, liberty and transparency are respected universally and not just turned into a diplomatic pretext to repress and invade other countries. We once again condemn India’s shameful denial of political asylum to Mr. Snowden in the strongest terms.

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  1. Govt of India Is Cheater

  2. Sukumar Muralidharan


  3. We know one side story of Snowden through media. How can we know story on the other side. Governments do not come out and justify in media. Should India give its judgement on such an issue?

    Several developed countries are not doing this. We may be in a position to give asylum but sure we cannot protect his life in India.

    We did to Dalai Lama and till date we are suffering due to enmity with China. Do we need the ire of US too?

    Do we appreciate Dawood’s presence in Pakistan?
    Show we grant political asylum to Snowden at any cost?

    India has several problems to be solved. We need not bother more about Snowden than offering our sympathies.

  4. Donít Worry, Be Happy

    Donít Worry, Be Happy
    We just want the oil
    You donít have to go to fight
    We have Blackwater to cover for you.

    If things get worse
    We can always send in some drones
    American technology can save US blood
    Who cares for collateral blood & bones out there?

    Donít Worry, Be Happy
    They cannot come here
    We have high security regime
    Secret: we cooked up 911, you know!

    See two planes hit 2 buildings
    But, do not tell anyone 3 buildings fell
    Oh yes, even the gas does not burn
    At the high temperature the steel melts

    It was just the insurance we wanted
    We wired it to demolish & did
    Please do not tell anyone
    Even insurance executives got a share

    Now we have what we need
    A high security regime
    To monitor all private communications
    That Edward Snowden, Asshole, blew it!

    Now we will get him
    May be from Hong Kong, China
    Or the Transit Lounge of Moscow
    Or by a coup díťtat in Ecuador,

    Just by hook or crook
    Somehow, somewhere!
    We are the only superpower
    Where will that rat hide?

  5. I agree with this petition that the Government of India has taken a craven decision and it’s a dastardly surrender of India’s national interests.

    EAM Khurshid must go.

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