“By giving Nobel Peace Prize to Kailash Satyarthi, the Nobel Prize has Lost its Meaning”

A public statement by two senior activists and a former colleague of Kailash Satyarthi.

We write this with no malice, ill will or jealousy.

We write this for TRUTH is more important for us. And even if the whole world condemns us for saying the TRUTH, we’ll stand by it.

The earlier deserving winners of Nobel Peace Prize have been: Dr. (Rev) Martin Luther King, Jr; Nelson Mandela; Bishop Desmond Tutu; Mother Teresa; and Dalai Lama. In fact, Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay, who i met in a retreat in 2008 in Teen Murti) was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by none other than Martin Luther King, Jr. But still he couldn’t get it.

Having worked with Kailash Satyarthi in 1999 and surely having loved working there, i (Indu) feel he still didn’t deserve the award. For what he did with his one of the oldest colleague, Ms. Suman Srivastava, is condemnable. He and his team did a total character assassination of her. And anyone who came against this rot setting in, were slapped criminal defamation cases. We’ve one such case against us in the Rohini Court.


A candidate for Nobel Peace Prize can’t terrify his own staff and anyone standing to oppose it. A person who gets this Award has to be peace incarnate.

If people like Kailash get this award, then it seems the Nobel Peace Prize has lost its credibility. And if it’s so then The Nobel Prize giving committee may continue to bestow such meaningless Awards. One wonders, what was the hurry in giving this Award without proper scrutiny?

Being a feminist, we can’t forgive Kailash for what he (and his team) did to Suman Srivastava. Notwithstanding, the Note of Appreciation given to me (Indu) by Kailash Satyarthi, in 1999. In my recent meetings with him he asked me to come back to SACCS / BBA. But this was the reason; i (Indu) never went back.


Indu Prakash Singh, President, Forum Against Corruption & Threats (FACT), Indra Prakash Singh Raghuvanshi, General Secretary, Forum Against Corruption & Threats (FACT). Dated: 11th October 2014

To know the story of Suman Srivastava click here (Hindi). 


  1. Critical Reading

    A peace prize that has been awarded to Henry Kissinger, Barack Obama, and other war criminals, already has zero credibility.

  2. People like you will criticize and he’ll shine

  3. If this is true then it is terrible and condemnable at the very outset.

  4. I am not able to reply on above statement, though I am saddened on such “character” of Nobel Peace winner, as I am not in a position to verify this!

    Yet, I take this opportunity to say the following:

    Nobel Peace Prize to Indian and “Eradication of Child Labour”?

    Pakistani child education activist Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi, an Indian child rights campaigner, have jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize- BBC
    A Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) report dated October 2014 cites figures from July 2009 to June 2013 which show that just 3,734 children were rescued over four years, i.e. an average of 78 children each month. But the Delhi high court had directed the labour department to begin implementing the Delhi Action Plan in 2009 “by accommodating, for the time being, about 500 children every month”.—TOI!
    It’s a matter of pride for all of us that an Indian gets Nobel Peace Prize!
    Yet, we do not even know the exact number of child labours in our houses as helping hands, in fields, in hotels and Dhabas at highways, in factories and finally in streets as beggars!! An estimate says it could be 10 Crore, but do we even know what is our actual population? In recent statement, the Indian Census Board said the margin of error in the last census could be 1%, that is close to 3 Crore, and these Indians do not figure in our data!
    There is an old story. There was a philanthropist, who used to sit next to a well, which had no cemented boundary to prevent passers by falling into it. The surroundings were slippery. Occasionally, the travellers did slip and our great man used to rescue them!!!!!!
    I am not blaming the helping hand, as he was honest and never demanded anything from the survivors. He, however, never joined the effort to reduce such incidents by warning the travellers, raising a warning post or even raising a wall to prevent these occurrences, forget about abolishing such occurrences by filling the well and if needed, provide alternate water sources!!
    Our society breeds child labours, prostitutes, unemployment, and inflation. In fact they are necessities to provide cheap labours to our industries, corporates, big peasants, landlords, etc. to garner huge profit. Women’s oppression inside our houses and outside, economically and sexually is part of our society. Unemployment part of “Unemployed Army”, again part of the present Corporates’ Democracy to create competition among them and reduce their bargaining power and eventually reduce their wages. Inflation, I need not explain in detail, as our readers are well versed with this permanent feature, is necessity to keep the “Development for country” to continue without hindrance! Recession coupled with economic boom periodically is very much part of the global economy, controlled by less than .03% influential class!
    So, prizes, like Nobel, etc. are hindrances in fight against these social and state tyranny? Are they blinding our intellectuals and even mass in hope of just society via such efforts? It won’t be out of context to say that these prize winners, “Celebrities” are adopted into the present system as jewels in a woman’s hairdo or her neck and shine not only for her but others also though that’s the end of the jewellery’s purpose!
    Individuals, like Kailash Satyarthi, may not be one of them, but his effort has not reduced the numbers of child labours in India but is on rise as the poverty, which has risen to a staggering figure of 79 Crore and that too when BPL is calculated as low as on INR 35! We have many other NGOs and individuals who are working for poor, and even honestly, but the number is rising!!!!!!!!!!!!
    India’s GDP in 2004 was less than 670 Billion USD, now its 2315 Billion USD, meaning it has multiplied by more than 3.5 times and our population has not even doubled!
    In other way, I will cite another data- India’s GDP, in absolute numbers, has grown from a mere Rs. 2.7 lakh Crore to Rs. 57 lakh Crore in 67 years of independence., and the population has not grown even 5 times from 33 Crore of whole Indian subcontinent to 130 Crore of India today, yet the poverty has risen more than 10 times!!!!!!!!!!
    Friends, such human acts are good but not good enough to eradicate any of our social evils, like child labours, women’s oppression including prostitution, cancerous unemployment and inflation, corruption, crime; in fact they are detrimental to revolution, a mass revolution to end this tyrant society, to demolish the present state and its machineries, which is running for the interest of big corporates and their henchmen, and by any chance not for the workers, the peasants and the common man! Reform means changing the faces of government and its various programmes to be fool mass, like Garibi Hatao, India Shinning, Achhe Din, etc.! I will like to remind our readers of the famous statement by the USA rulers in early 1930s when they claimed to have amassed enough wealth to eradicate the poverty for ever from the face of the USA to belittle USSR’s claim on making people’s social ownership of all public and natural wealth of the country. We know poverty in USA and the world has risen in direct proportion to the rise of world’s wealth, where there are 1 Billion hungry people!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. See. You cannot just judge a person for that one thing.. Both Satyarthi Sir and Malala were awarded this award is a Hindu and a Muslim, an Indian and a Pakistani, joined in a common struggle for education and against extremism!!!

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