By changing DP on Facebook, you are just allowing Zukerberg to kill internet as you know it


Zuckerbeg Modi

Many people are visiting to update their profile pictures. Some of you who have background in software engineering would like to open up the source code of the page and search for “internetOrg”. Even if you don’t, please read on.

In the source code, you would find an oddly named class “_internetOrgProfilePicture__prideAvatar” as shown in the image.

The class name in a page which is supposedly to “Support Digital India” is not coincidental. If some of you are following internet activists on Twitter (like @nixxin) who are fighting the battle of net neutrality, you’d know that for yesterday’s PR event, Facebook paid for business class tickets and accommodation for journalists from four major Indian media houses namely India Today, Indian Express, Hindu Businessline and Economic Times. The disclosure that they have been paid has been made at the bottom of 4 articles published in each one of the above four news outlets. Links to the articles are as follows:…/facebook-opens-up-internet-org-…/

1/482594.html” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>…/facebook-renam…/1/482594.html…/faceboo…/49097652…/fa…/article7686686.ece

Each one of the above four articles are a product of sponsored journalism. This phenomenon of corporates paying media houses to write in their favour is not new, and I’m not blaming media personnels who covered it, however the disclosure should have been put at the start of the article so that the readers would have known that they’re reading an article whose costs have been covered by a corporate behemoth.

Be that as it may, along with journalists who had been paid for, also turned up our Prime Minister at an event to answer some inane, pre-determined questions.

Yes, I did say “PRE-DETERMINED”. Executive Director of CNET, Ian Sherr, who was covering this event wrote the following on Twitter:

“Questions from the audience are predetermined. So there’s that. $FB ‪#‎Modiberg‬.”

(CNET is an American media website that publishes reviews, news, articles, blogs, podcasts and videos on technology and consumer electronics globally.)

Along with journalists, several other people were flown in for this PR event.

Siri Srinivas who works for Guardian and is based in New York had the following comment:

“Ah Facebook, flies in woman (from delhi) to ask Indian prime minister (who lives in delhi) about Indian women in Menlo Park.”

(Menlo Park, California is where the Facebook HQ is located)

The first question in the Facebook townhall went to Vir Kashyap. Surprise, Surprise. Vir Kashyap is the COO of Babajobs which is an partner.

So, the simple question is why would Facebook have journalists and participants flown in and accommodated for, arrange a pre-determined Q&A session for the Prime Minister, all at its own expense?

Answer is to sell a product. To sell In the garb of Digital India. To millions of gullible masses in India. And our Prime Minister knew that he was a participant in this facade and gleefully allowed a Government of India initiative to be used as a platform for Mark Zuckberg’s salesmanship.

P.S. Did our Prime Minister also know that he would be asked about his mother and the tears “naturally’ followed?


  1. Hater’s gonna hate…..get over it. BTW did you get paid by someone to write it…or are you upset that you didn’t get what guys from Indian Express, Hindu and Economic Times got.

  2. Achche din aa gaye…………………for Zukerberg………… and Joker PM assisted

  3. paid journalism?

  4. Do you even know how your fb account is handled. Read this:

    • Its a misleading post to confuse people as HuffPost is a partner of

      • 1st get it into your head that if you have a fb account the way you represent yourself on fb is fully controlled by fb and not by you (The addition and modification of fb timeline is a good example). If fb wanted to add any hidden pledges on your name it can do so anytime with or without your consent. FB is a service and they dictate how the service is provided.
        I guess the level madness only increases with the load of crap.

        • No one dictates beyond a certain point without permissions. Providing a service does NOT mean you can do whatever you want.

          Tell me something, what exactly are you trying to say as first you comment that FB’s new thing is good with HuffPost comment and then contradict in response.
          -Don’t rush and respond now – do some exercise, have a cup of tea, breathe some fresh air and then decide which way you are headed.

          • Hope you know English. Read the 1st sentence “do you know how your fb account is handled”. It’s a free service not bound by any law of any land. Your “No one dictates ” won’t apply. I guess you can’t digest this fact. FB dictates it’s rules. I even gave examples but I guess can’t understand simple logic. This is the sole reason why in China Fb is banned and state dictated weibo is in place. If fb wants to do something with any account they can do it any time they want. They don’t need your permissions as you have already signed up all those. In short FB decides how your fb account looks like. You only give requests to them to make it look like something you want. They will ask you for permissions only if some other app is requesting the info not their own.

            The huff post article says what fb stand is. Whether you like it or not you have to live with that if you want to use fb. You can keep shouting loose illusions. But nothing is going to change.

            For your own good reflect and get a hold of reality. Hope your madness ends .

          • I am convinced your a NUT, albeit a good person though trying to correct things in the wrong way.
            You seem to be using a drafting service or copy and paste with then adding your own words as per response.
            First you have no legal knowledge, so talk like a kid – that fb already signed up > this is okay in generic situations else no way it works if I do not know what it is and their terms must be within constitution of india and cannot be greater.

            Your HuffPost article is for changing DP, though its made to look like its a general article – its not as manipulated. When you respond like a robot with copy paste drafts, this is what happens, unless your drinking before writing. Read again and don’t consume anything to make you dizzy before you do.

            And do stop preaching to me how bad it is, is it not apparent from my writing I know is evil.

          • Well I guess there is really no end to your madness. In hindsight if you want to, read the policy you signed up for in your fb account.

            Internet does not have any nation. Read your own words, “FB has to fall within the constitution of India”. Can’t get madder than this I guess.

            Do you even know where the fb servers are kept. Read your own posts before responding. 1st you say huff post is misleading now you are defending it.
            Get a hold of a chair and get your balance back and show me one place where this is copy pasted.

            I guess when you are out of your senses there is no controlling what comes out. Hope you can get back to your senses.

          • Well what to say, your one of those half educated on internet geeks, who think they are too clever based on the crap you read on internet.
            No application of mind, just oversmart responses. No knowledge of law, hence FB or whoever takes you for a ride. I can bet you’v never been to a court or worked on correcting real issues, except shivering in generic cases of traffic et al;

            Also dont rush to defend your stupid outbursts covered in long english copy paste nonsense, not suited for the statement but I guess your unaware of that.

            We are talking of and your talking of FB terms – the two are different. We are talking of India govt tieing up with NOT FB.
            Once that happens then they are liable to Indian courts regardless of what their damn terms say as they are NOT fair. But you wouldnt know anything about this except crap of internet. Ged real education not a instructed degree that you have.

            I said HuffPost was misleading. I said YOU idiot referred it first and then denouced it without knowing till now that it supports
            Thats something you would not understand as grown up i nstupid internet.
            Bye idiot, I really hope you know what you argue about, laws procedures cannot be dictated by anyone and can be questioned in different ways. I thought of giving you some examples, but I see its a waste. I will not respond to your idiotic outbursts and stop smoking drugs, it’l help.

          • ROFL you are very good in describing what you do as being done by others. From the beginning you are diverging on every point. BTW I am not defending anything and I dont need to. Anyone who reads the verbal diarrhea you put can understand your level of knowledge of law. But thats expecting too much from a person who cant even stick to one point and never stops in making baseless claims of which he cant prove even one. Someone who cant even read his own posts clearly.

            Illiteracy has different dimensions and is leading to ignorant delusional crap talk.

            Do you even know what is If you dont, go ask a kid. Read the statement – ” We are talking of India govt tieing up with NOT FB”. Woho this is good entertainment. You should may be try standup comedy. You know its so bad that I dont know whether to pity your mental state or laugh.

            Do you even know what a tie up means. Again you contradict yourself. You excel in in without even knowing.

            Learn to read English. I never denounced Huff post. You denounced it and then called it- “its not as manipulated” whatever that means and again denounced it when I refereed to your statement.

            Dont go off too fast you are providing excellent free entertainment. The comedy is so good that, I thinking of doing what I never did before, copy this conversation and post on other some comedy sites as “inside the comical mind of a blind ignorant hater”.

          • OK bye idiot, a half baked creation with stupid ideas, lacking knowledge as no idea what facts are apart from the spelling.

            You uneducated of law said “do we know where fb servers are kept” to indicate that law would apply. Sad to say, wherever they are kept all people outside the USA & Canada come under the DPA laws of Ireland.
            Its there in their regn info, my dear half baked by paying/ copying educated.

            Are you aware of the relationship now, how it changes? I don’t think you internet educated from search engines, know what is credible info or the real law except wild imagination of what it could be.

            YUK bye and continue blabbering nonsense.

          • The fun continues with the verbal diarrhea. The self contradiction also continues.
            What happened to “FB must follow the constitution of India” or “we are taking about and not FB”.

            By your latest post India comes under the law of Ireland.

            FB servers are all on cloud spread across all the continents. Sadly none in India. I could add how no govt can regulate it just as no govt could regulate wikileaks. But how can I expect an internet illiterate who can’t even read English properly to understand that.

            Your “credible info” has changed from post to post. That’s how credible it is.

            Your description of your self also continues.
            The funniest part is you talk of internet freedom.

            Take some English classes. And continue your comedy. Keep saying bye and coming back. This is also building out into a story worth publishing on global media.

          • I have to come back as you respond with Misleading statements & twisting facts. for eg I never said FB has to follow constitution of India, only cheap Sanghis do that.
            *I said there are legal recourses, I can give examples but nuts like you who do not read news or do not remember as had half baked education are not worth it.

          • ROFL. I was almost getting bored. Learn to read your posts. Directly from your post-“fb already signed up > this is okay in generic situations else no way it works if I do not know what it is and their terms must be within constitution of india”.
            Ohh but you can’t read English leave alone your own vomit.
            It doesnt get straighter than this. But I guess you have to be straight to understand it.
            Even the US govt with multiple court orders could do nothing to wikileaks.

            But how can a clown understand that.
            Continue your performance. I start searching for a publisher mean time.

  5. abhimanyu kumar sinha

    face book service is our right–free right as per our indian con..but not bound by anylaw of land….