Bhopal Petition Reaches White House’s Site: 100,000 Signs needed for US Govt to Respond on Dow

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In 1984, a Dow-Carbide factory in Bhopal leaked toxic gases killing over 8,000 people and maiming hundreds of thousands. The “accident” was the result of systematic cost-cutting and violation of safety standards over many years. The company refused to reveal the composition of the gases claiming it was a trade secret. Left without an antidote, thousands more were killed or maimed. The company also poisoned the groundwater of 300,000. Dow-Carbide has refused to appear before the Bhopal courts for the criminal cases against them. International treaties require the US government to serve the court summons to Dow; but the government has shielded Dow Chemical. This international petition asks the US government #DontShieldDow and to serve Dow the latest notice asking them to appear before the court on July 13, 2016. Please sign the petition here and share this video.

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