Bassi’s fictions about JNU: manfacturing evidence

Shams Kabir

Media professional based in Mumbai. Worked with premier mass media organisations and also worked in a consultative capacity with investigative journalist houses.

This whole imbroglio at JNU and Hyderabad university can be summated in one phrase from the Delhi Police’s 13-page status report on the bail plea of JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar –

“During the course of investigation, the investigating agency intends to unearth a larger conspiracy”

There is no fresh evidence stated other than the doctored tape of 12th February. And the 9th February tape over which the Zee News producer quit saying that it too had been doctored. No fresh evidence has been put forth even though the police stated that they have more than the doctored videos. Oh, I forgot, they are also ‘seeking to establish a connection with a foreign agency’. Another intent to unearth. Unearth and seeking being synonyms in the context of Delhi Police.

There is simply in both the handling of Hyderabad University and JNU, ‘an intent to unearth’. The catch-all phrase.

Which can be read variously and more honestly as AN INTENT TO MANUFACTURE EVIDENCE.

A retrofit. Ground Zero, decide the target. First, apprehend. Second, manufacture the evidence. And then try to push the evidence past the courts.

This modus operandi is not restricted to the investigative agencies under just the BJP, it worked equally well under the Congress governments as well. So far, this was restricted to the Muslims apprehended for fake terrorism charges. Countless youth, some still pursuing education and some not, were picked up and some were released after years in jail. Some are still languishing in jails as undertrials. Now they are expanding the net to include the Dalits. There are figures on incarceration and those that have been sent to the gallows, in which again the Muslims and Dalits have an disproportionate representation. India had 4.2 lakh people in prison in 2013. Nearly 20% of them were Muslims although the share of Muslims in India’s population is about 13% according to Census 2011. Religion-wise data from Census 2011 is yet to be released but it is unlikely to be much different. Dalits make up 22% of prisoners, almost one in four. Their proportion in population is about 17% according to Census 2011. While adivasis make up 11% of prisoners, their share in the general population is 9%. The economic backwardness of these demographics is part of the cause. But the biggest cause is fake charges. And, please note that the economic backwardness of the Dalits and Muslims is also a result of the policies that both the Congress and BJP have followed. Discrimination against Muslims and Dalits is ingrained and institutionalised in India.

Smriti Irani and her ilk are busy making out Rohit’s death as being politicised by the parties. Thing is, they used the banner of nationalism to counter and divert from the real issues. And at the same time gain politically too. The political gains being to keep the scattering flock together and to manufacture a cloak to hide behind, such that their lack of governance is talked about a tad less. All ratings show Modi as having slipped in popularity. Even in right aligned magazines like Swarajya, questions are being asked of the government. Disenchantment has set in. Hate is a great glue that BJP uses for gathering a flock and keeping it together. And they have pulled out the bottle of glue here. The bottled is falsely labelled nationalism when actually it is full of the glue of apathy for Muslims and Dalits.

Forget about this label of nationalism – it needs fake evidence, a fake history and a corrupted state to sustain it. It is worth nothing. It is vile.

The true issue is discrimination against Dalits and Muslims. Let us not veer from the core issue here.
And if someone has to lose their head for the saffronisation, they indeed will. Literally, I doubt it will be Smritiji, it will be the Muslims and the Dalits who have a history of losing their heads in flagrations. Communalism and Brahminism being essential ingredients of the glue that is produced in liberal amounts as the result of the saffronisation of education. Figuratively, Smritiji has already lost her head if she thinks mere eloquence will make the label of the bottle look any more real. She need not try harder.



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