Attack on Science by BJP: A Ministerial Guffaw on Evolution

Ananya S Guha

Now science has been attacked. The Darwin theory of evolution has been dubbed a myth and falsity by the junior minister of education. He further said that it should not be taught in schools and educational institutions. So in one sweep he submerges a radically held theory, which has been studied and further researched upon into seas of ignorance. It is not clear whether he falls upon the Victorian age debate whether God created man, or the latter evolved out of lower species. To say however that it should be summarily taken out of syllabuses of study, spells how a body of knowledge and discourse even if incomplete is arbitrarily dismissed. But this is not new for the present dispensation. First the victim was Indian history, now it is scientific history. Fine scientists have shown the incompleteness of the theory, but no one has had the temerity to dismiss it as hogwash. The fact that it was and is theory, has a speculative design about it. But it should not be taught anymore? Who is he to decide, and come out with a fatuous statement like that?

What is the purpose behind such sensational statements? What  research has the minister undertaken to prove this? The curiosity of all discoveries and inventions has been relegated to the world of myths. Science has become myths and myth science. If the scientific mode is that one of inquiry based on empirical facts, then myths become the opposite dialectic, not based on evidence. So if man did not evolve it assumes that he emerged out of thin air, akin to a miraculacous descent from anywhere. Fine. But as the Biblical connotation goes God created both man and woman. The Victorian dialectic in the nineteenth century was a healthy debate between science and spirituality. The crux was, can they co exist. If they can’t each takes its own course and destiny. It does not annul one to justify the other. It was a matter of individual choice and preference.

But here, our candid minister says that there should not be any outreach. Full stop. Pernicious theories should not be taught anymore. Says who? The minister of course. And who is he? A doctoral degree holder, and now a minister. Who are ministers? They are politicians, who when they have not much work to do, take recourse to the worst kind of sensationalism. And of course we have to take this seriously. The minister is upset, as Auden said, little children will die in streets. They have not so far, some of them are speaking on television.

Research they say. Find out more. The minister has a point, or better still may have a point. We have to research, take out the mangled remains of the Darwinian theory and discover ghosts there. The real discover is the scientific spirit of the unknown, which only ancient Indian civilization can answer. Which again, is fine, ancient Indian civilization postulated mathematical concepts undoubtedly, proved to be correct, but unfortunately didn’t have a word to say about human evolution.

That, fortunately or, unfortunately was Darwin’s prerogative, which seems again to be uncannily stolen from him.

They were many theories of evolution some say. But the minister is disputing only Darwin’s, spare him.But Darwin’s theory is the most acceptable. Research,  say the panelists in a recent television discussion. Research, yes of course, but don’t throw caution to the winds, and yes please do not mingle religion with fantasy. Fine Vedic texts told many truths, but study them as Vedas, not as scientific texts. If you mingle science and religion,as a single entity of discourse, neither are you experiencing the spiritual nor the scientific. Yours is just a charade to debunk ALL Western postulates. Knowledge is an entity, the human civilization constantly adds and subtracts from this huge body( of knowledge ).

You are trying to subtract minister but in the most unseemly of ways, creating sensation and providing fodder for the television channels to fool us again and again.

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