‘Arnab Goswami and Republic are harassing me and my family’: read S P Udayakumar’s letter to Press Council

Renowned anti-nuclear and peace activist Dr. S P Udayakumar has filed a complaint with the Press Council of India against harassment meted out to him and his family by Republic TV and its reporters.

Here is the complaint that Dr. Udayakumar sent to the Press Council earlier today:

Complaint to the Press Council of India
June 21, 2017

S. P. Udayakumar, Ph.D.
People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE)
Pachai Tamizhagam Katchi (Green Tamil Nadu Party)

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Chandramauli Kumar Prasad
The Chairman
Press Council of India
Soochna Bhavan
8-C.G.O. Complex
Lodhi Road
New Delhi 110 003
Email: vibha.b@nic.in, secy-pci@nic.in, pcibpp@gmail.com, pcibppcomplaint@gmail.com

Dear Sir:

Greetings! I write to bring your kind attention to the ongoing deceit and harassment of me and my family by Mr. Arnab Ranjan Goswami and a few of his colleagues such as Shweta and Sanjeev from the Republic TV.

On April 8, 2017, one “Shweta Sharma” (I later found out that her real name was Shweta Kothari) came to my home at Nagercoil and introduced herself as a “research scholar” from the Cardiff University in the UK. She asked for my help with her dissertation research. She had been accompanied by her “local friend” Sanjeev. I gave her several books and answered her questions.

On April 9, 2017 she requested me to stop by her hotel room as she had a few more questions. There she told me that “one of her British professors” was very keen on supporting our struggle against the Koodankulam nuclear power plant. I told her that we did not accept money from foreigners and our movement had no bank account also. She then asked me if there was any other way of donating money to us. I told her that my personal account was frozen and that even our party account could not receive foreign funds. So I said she could not donate money from abroad but her parents could do it here in India if she sent the money to them. I also mentioned clearly that I would give proper receipt and the money will be accounted for. I also informed her that we were not interested in getting foreign funds.

Mr. Arnab Goswami and his team telecasted this as a so-called “sting operation” on me at 2 pm on June 20, 2017 in their Republic TV and alleged that our struggle against the Koodankulm nuclear power project was funded by the Church with foreign donations. I took part in the very same panel discussion on Republic TV and clarified what had transpired. But Mr. Goswami was so abhorrent, abrasive and even abusive.

As I was taking part in their discussion from Kumbakonam town where I was attending an agitation, Republic TV reporter Sanjeev was standing in front of my home at Nagercoil from 2 pm till 11 pm that night harassing my parents aged 85 and 82 respectively, my wife and school-going son. He was insisting on their responding to their so-called sting operation. Even after they told him that I was out of town, he and three of his colleagues were hounding my family with their high-handed behavior.

Sanjeev showed up at my home again in the morning of June 21, 2017 and started harassing my family all over again. When my aged father objected to his ruthless behavior, he fraudulently reported on his TV that I personally had scolded him. I came to know about the whole incident when I came home in the evening.

In a desperate attempt to raise the TRP rate, the discredited Republic TV has been telecasting slanderous reports about me and spreading canards through social media. This kind of indecent and abusive behavior of an anchor and reporters is unacceptable in a democracy. The Republic TV and their reporters are crossing all limits and causing so much mental agony to me and my entire family.

In the light of the above situation, may I request you to do the needful to stop this anti-people TV from hurting me and more people in future, please. Looking forward to your immediate and favorable intervention, I send you my best personal regards and all peaceful wishes.


S. P. Udayakumar


  1. Biswanath Dutta

    foreign paid activist. road block of development of India.

    • Urvashi Seth

      This agitation is 100% financed by foreign money.No doubt about that.Uthayakumar is just a tool.

      • Albert Colaco

        Arnab and his so-called Republic channel is a tool and puppet of the extremist Hindu fascists who are pseudo-nationalists.

  2. sooraj thekkedath

    this person is a traitor and christian missionary funding is there for his activities.

  3. Chandrasekhar

    The truth will not get in the way of the ‘development’ trolls… “…we did not accept money from foreigners and our movement had no bank account also. She then asked me if there was any other way of donating money to us. I told her that my personal account was frozen and that even our party account could not receive foreign funds. So I said she could not donate money from abroad but her parents could do it here in India if she sent the money to them…”

    • Watch the sting.. He clearly tells her various ways she can send money illegally (i.e in cash, or routed through her family in India, or via another of his colleagues who was sitting beside them). Its all on tape buddy. Also the sting on church was a separate one, where the church member clearly says how his church superior supported the movement for as long as he could, and how people from France and Italy had sent them money. And so on.. I don’t understand, what does a church have to do anything with an anti-nuclear protest. Why should they be involved in such things?

      And it isn’t just the Modi govt. Even the Congress govt said the Kudankulam protests were funded by intel agencies of other countries. Now he is even talking of fighting for independence of TN.

      • Jhon Dias

        Firstly, you perhaps don’t know that if nuclear accident takes place it may affect the whole world, china syndrome is an example of this kind of nuclear accident. Chernobyl accident needed few sacrifices to save the world from this kind of accident. Therefore any movement against nuclear power plant is automatically an international movement. All over the world people contribute to these movements with money or direct activities. Logically the binary concept of foreign or local fund is irrelevant here . Secondly, through out the world Jesuit priests participate in pro-people movements. For example in latin america they played a very important role to combat american imperialism.In this case anybody is allowed to participate, as it may affect any one on the other part of the globe. Here in india if a religious leader can be a chief minister even after indulging in communal riots, why only church people will not be allowed to contribute in a protest movement to save the earth?

        • Oh, so convenient isn’t it? All these people have no agenda except to protect some unknown indian people from a supposed nuclear accident and (in your own words) “save the earth”. Yeah, sounds believable. NGO’s using foreign funds for such activities is patently illegal. It is an act of foreign intervention – we don’t know with what agenda. India needs nuclear energy to meet its energy needs. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of nuclear plants all over the world. The safety features used in this plant are the latest and can even survive a disaster like that happened in Japan. And why aren’t they protesting the nuclear plants in their own countries, when they have it too? In fact Nuclear is the LARGEST source of energy in France, producing as much as 40% of the energy. And suddenly they want to protest nuclear plants in India?

        • So local people are fools & they require Jesuit to save them bah,

      • What is wrong in opposing nuclear power? You perhaps dont read international news. Germany and France, were almost fully dependent on power supply from nuclear power plants installed all over their country. People rose up against nuclear plants after some accidents and forced the governments in both the countries to close down the power plants. Today both countries generate power from natural gas supplied from Russia.

    • Sorry,you have blinkered views, hear the full tape, then decide.Dont decided based on the version of people who have already sold their soul to foreign ideology, they have compulsion to justify their sale.

  4. Vivek Mani

    All legal doors are open for foreign funded under-investigation people. when similar thing happened to common people & Hindu saints, with out any iota of facts, Press Council was sleeping .

  5. Dinesh Shah

    Arnab and his republic TV are openly ‘Modi’s brigade’ members. Like all RSS centric media houses , this one is also spreading canards against individuals and institutes not to the liking of the powers that be.
    The government in unabashedly and shamelessly manner , installing and promoting a sycophant culture to further and keep for ever their authoritarian rule .
    This must be resisted by every able bodied Indian.

  6. Manoharan Thottarath

    The contents of Dr Udayakumar’s letter to the Press Council of India are very serious. It seems the Republic channel is bent upon harassing people for the sake of TRP by sensationalising trivial issues. Why does the lady reporter impersonate herself as a research scholar from the US and approach Dr Udayakumar? Then, the other reporter from the same channel is harassing his family! Such things are unheard of anywhere. What is happening now in India is indeed very strange. What right does a reporter from a channel have to harass somebody like this? Even his family is not spared. It is a bizarre development.

  7. Sudheer A.V.

    Arnab is a BJP spokesperson.

  8. AAP is a hub of anti-india activists. Every one knows that church and commies r funding these traitors and are supporting Anti india activities.

  9. Waveforms Power

    Arnab Goswami is a self opininated RSS man, The name Republic is a misnome. probably he could have named Fascist Now.

  10. Please unsubscribe RepublicTV. You are paying to get the channel and you are getting brainwashed by certain highly radical polarised group of people like Arnab, and in effect killing your own independent thinking. See the abuses that opposition party leaders get on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Arnab and his channel are just the same. Please stop viewing the channel. Pls dont waste your money.

    • No one in his right mind will unsubscribe Republic for the simple reason, one gets to listen to unbridled opinions & views ,its enriching, entertaining & I can shut shop, whenever I want to . Arnab is unique on Indian television.Either you like him or hate him, no in between,he cannot be missed.

    • ohm rasankar

      Please subscribe to Republic TV


    Even in times now, he shouted down all other participants. And, this one has become a play ground’ for him to project vilification campaign against activists and supporters of peace and disarmament

  12. Francis Fernandes

    I wish the worst curse falls on Arnab and his family…………………………he is the dustbin of BJP.

  13. Amaresh Kulu Mishra

    Why all are afraid of Arnab Goswami??? He belongs to general category so u r afraid????? Respect his talent……

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