Why isn’t Arnab being sued for inciting hate-crimes? And other questions that must be asked.

Shams Kabir

Media professional based in Mumbai. Worked with premier mass media organisations and also worked in a consultative capacity with investigative journalist houses.

Please explain this to me: just simple truths no politics.

1. Why is Kanhaiya still in jail?

2. Have the Press Council of India and the Broadcast Association of India taken suo moto cognisance of the more than objectionable fake content aired by TV channels? The TV channels keep running crawlers asking the viewers to report any objectionable material to the Broadcast Association. Well, yes, we did find this fake reporting and witch hunt objectionable.

3. Why have all sedition charges not been dropped against the JNU students in the absence of no real evidence with Delhi Police as confirmed by the Intelligence Bureau?

4. Why are the lawyers clearly visible in the videos of the violence at Patiala court still out of jail? Did those that were issued summons even respond to them?

5. Why have the fake charges against Umar Khalid – those calls and visits to Pakistan – when he does not even have a passport – not been investigated? Who dreamt up these charges?

6. Why has Bassi not been questioned on e. and fired summarily? These trumped up charges are a criminal offense.

7. Why have the source/s of the fake tape/s not yet been figured out? And why has there been no indication that there is a probe underway into the matter?

I have more. But please answer these basic questions for me.



  1. RSS-BJP = Jhumla + faking party.

  2. You anti-nationals how can you raise such sensible questions, when our Army men are dying in Kashmir!?

  3. AG hates Dalits & Muslims from the bottom of his heart!

  4. Because:
    1) We as a nation made a gigantic mistake in the summer of 2014

    2) We’re way too tolerant of assaults on other people’s Fundamental rights

  5. Sirf khud ko dysh bhakt aur baki sab ko dysh virodhi samjhny ki jo bimari hamary dysh my tyzi sy fyl rahi hy agar is ka waqt pr ilaj nahi kiya gaya to phir tyzi sy yah dysh bhi dosry dyshon ki tarha barbad hoga.dysh ky bady nyta jin ki zinddagi hi dysh ky ly guzar rahi hy un pr bhi jo chahy jab jahan sy FIR daal raha hy ARVIND KEJRIWAL jis ko byman yah dysh virodhi hony pr shytan ko bhi sharm aygi usky khilaf bhi case. asal dar unko lag raha hy jo khud dysh ko anpe galiz nafrat fylany wali harkaton sy ab tak barbad kar chuky hyn aur karr rahy hyn.ab dysh unki dysh bhagti pr sawal karny lagy hyn jo khud ky shaka pr to tringa nahi lagaty magar dosron ko dysh bhagti sikha rahy hyn.jai hind

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