Arbitrary Expulsion and Discrimination against ST/SC/OBC students in IIT Roorkee

Shefali Saini

On 30th July 2015, the FFT visited IIT, Roorkee. However, we could not enter the college campus as we did not have a ‘credible’ reference. The expelled students who had come to receive us could not provide their ID Cards due to their expulsion and genuine fears of administrative backlash. Thus we thought it would be appropriate to hold our meetings and discussions outside the campus.

Soon after, in a private hotel room, near the campus, we met nearly 40 expelled students (including three girl
students) from SC/ST and OBC backgrounds. To set the context, Anoop Kumar, one of the FFT members, explained the aims and objectives of the FFT. He also spoke about prior instances of expulsions in IIT campuses across the country. He quoted the example of SC/ST expulsions in IIT (Delhi) in the year 2009. He shared the experience of expelled SC/ST students from IIT (Delhi).

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