An appeal for peace in Kashmir Valley from Nagas

The ongoing situation in Kashmir has seen sufferings and ordeals for over 60 days now. Reports of the death of many civilians from the valley have been coming out regularly. Despite calls for restraint in using forces upon the civilians from civil societies and concerned individuals, the casualty of innocent civilians is increasing. Human lives have been reduced to a mere number to be counted. Kashmir has a disputed history entangled between India vs Pakistan, and self determination of the people.

Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) got tabled and implemented for the first time in the Naga Hills to quell the uprising of the Nagas in 1958. Later AFSPA was spread to neighbouring states and Kashmir. As per reports from various sources, the implementation of AFSPA contrary to its objective has rather increased the spread of insurgents and human rights violation- death of civilians, sexual violence against women, mental trauma, fake encounters etc. Experience of militarisation is similar among Nagas, Kashmiris, Meiteis, Kukis and other indigenous people.

So in this light, we as concerned Nagas who believe in humanity and social justice, empathise with the plight of Kashmiris in the ongoing event. We condemn the use of pellets in controlling the crowd leading to scores of blindness and other fatal injuries. We also like to highlight the blockade of mobile network, internet, unavailability of basic amenities, clamping down of press freedom, inconveniences to hospital staff, closure of educational institutions etc. in this ongoing stand-off in Kashmir. Generations of Kashmiris have already suffered a lot; we pledge the Indian government to open dialogue with Kashmiris for peace, security and harmony towards a lasting solution. Repealing of AFSPA should be given a chance by incorporating recommendations from Justice Jeevan Reddy Committee and the UN Special Rapporteur. 

We stand in solidarity with Kashmiris. A list of Nagas students, scholars, academicians and other concerned citizens from Nagaland and Manipur –

1.      J. R. Kamei

2.      Dr D. Apao

3.      Roderick Wijunamai

4.      Dr Aphun Kamei

5.      Rocky Peshai

6.      John Gangmei

7.      Maxwell Saka

8.      Gracy Aye

9.      Zajano Z. Yanthan

10.  ML Ningnim

11.  Khalter Khampa Anal

12.  Veilou Paotei

13.  Shanjamo Ezung

14.  Dr Raille Rocky

15.  Thansing Zingkhai

16.  Lucy Lolia

17.  Hillbird Chalai




18.  Philemon Shangne

19.  Albert Povah

20.  Wungnaongam Rangmungna

21.  Mavei Vemai

22.  Dr Paode Pao

23.  Kajikho Mao

24.  Khevito Elvis Lee

25.  Puche Shiu

26.  Koko Lamkang

27.  Sinmi Rungsung

28.  Duanguanglung Kamei

29.  Chanthingla Horam

30.  Bendangrenla Longkumer

31.  SP. Ngamreiphy

32.  M.S. Jerome






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