An appeal from Allahabad University Students Union President Against Harassment

ALERT: From Richa Singh, (first woman) president of Allahabad Univ Students Union

This is an appeal for help: to the media, fellow students across the country,  civil society and concerned citizens. Since I have assumed office as the President of Allahabad University Students Union in Oct 2015, the university authorities have harassed me repeatedly.

I have raised questions about the appointment of an OSD by the new VC: why has he appointed someone who has been accused of sexual harassment and caste discrimination? In Nov last year, when I opposed the visit of Yogi Adityanath for the inaugration of the students union on the grounds that he is communal, our non violent protest was disrupted. I, along with other female students ,was physically attacked and harassed in the university campus on midnight of 19-20th November 2015 in the presence of the proctor of the university. Despite the fact that I sent a complaint to the VC, the university administration has not yet constituted any inquiry committee or initiated any action against the culprits. The Proctor continues to hold his post: no questions have been asked of him.

The harassment continues in various forms. They are now raising questions on my admission. I have been admitted here as a PhD scholar for nearly two years now: why these questions all of a sudden? I fear that they will find some false grounds to cancel my admission and hence remove me from my post of President. These are all attempts to silence me. I request you to carry my voice forward and build pressure on the university admin to be accountable.


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