Anti-war Protest Goes International: India-Pakistan Peace Vigil in Montreal

On Sunday 3rd March at 3pm Montrealers with origins in India and Pakistan as well as friends and allies, gathered to speak out for peace and against war and war-mongering by the governments of India and Pakistan and ulta-nationalists.

What are now two separate countries, India and Pakistan were one over the centuries, in political formations of kingdoms and empires.  People on either side of the border have much more in common — culture, language, cuisine — than they have differences.

It has been in the interests of the governments to sow seeds of dissension and mistrust to their own ends – build up political support and distract from struggles of daily life of ordinary people.  The costs have been tremendous in terms of human life, but also resources that should be spent on providing basic necessities for the population – education, healthcare, clean drinking water.

The situation is also made more dangerous because both India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons.

The vigil in Montreal, India, Pakistan and elsewhere,  is to demonstrate to the governments of India and Pakistan and the world that the majority of ordinary people in these countries want peace.  And people with origins in India and Pakistan around the world also want the same.  And that peace-loving people all over the world join them.

Yes to peace! No to war!

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