An Urgent Appeal From Maruti Suzuki Workers

Friends, Since more than one year, 147 workers of the Indian auto company Maruti Suzuki are in jail without bail, their families without income and the workers facing the risk of getting up to 14 years of prison.

They are accused of having murdered a Human Relations manager who supported the workers struggle when violence erupted during workers protests for union recognition in the Maruti Suzuki factory near Delhi July 2012. The violence erupted because the management sent violent thugs into the factory occupied by the workers.

There has never been an independent investigation into the case and it is most unlikely that these workers have actually killed the HR manager since he was the only one who supported them and tried to mediate between them and the factory management. In addition to the unconstitutional arrest of 147 workers, 2346 workers were laid off after the violent incident in 2012.

Please take 2 minutes to sign to this petition to pressurize the Government of Haryana to release the workers, reinstate the dismissed workers and negotiate with the union:

The petition will only be online for another 5 days so please sign immediately and forward this mail to others.

Thank you!

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