An open letter to Ms Kiran Bedi from Shabnam Hashmi

Let me begin by saying that I have never been your fan because I strongly disagreed with your patronising and dictatorial way of doing ‘social service’.

Shabnam HashmiNow that you will have ample free time I request you to reflect and introspect. I suggest make yourself a coffee sit in a rocking chair and put your feet in a bucket of hot water and relax.

Please think about what they have done to you.

I might not have been your fan but you have been a very confident professional woman. Every human being has shortcomings and we constantly strive to improve them but to be publicly ridiculed for the shortcomings is highly humiliating.

I saw a photograph where you are half bent and looking at Modi asking him something. The expression on your face is of helplessness and wanting approval from him.

It extremely pained me. I might have differences with you but as an activist and as a human being I would never want you or for that matter any other professional woman in this situation.

Ms Bedi you might not know but I recorded testimonies of gang rape survivors in 2002 when Gujarat was still burning. I travelled to over 50 villages across ten districts. Met doctors in small village dispensaries who had done postmortem, saw photographs of charred bodies of many women with slit open stomachs and dead fetuses sticking to their bodies. There were many kausar banos not only one in Naroda Patiya Whose case every one knows. Ms Bedi I met women who couldn’t get up for months because they were gang raped by 15-20 men and their vaginas were torn apart.

Ms Bedi Modi took out a Gaurav Yatra after 2002 carnage , he called the relief camps -where people who had lost everything were given shelter- child producing factories. Now last two years youtube has been sanitised of Modis footage spewing venom and talking filth. Sakshi Maharaj and Sadhvi Prachi are no Match in front of Modi. What he spoke was much more venomous.

Ms Bedi when bilkis was being gang raped they smashed her little daughters head against a stone and she died on the spot . Medina was forced to see her own daughter and niece being gang raped.

Ms Bedi it pained me to see you bend before this man.

You can tell me about the clean chit. I know a little too much to appreciate the clean chit stories.

Ms Bedi when this man was manipulated to become the PM I was advised to be careful. I told all such friends that maximum they can do is to malign arrest or kill. I would rather be killed physically than morally.

Ms Bedi please reflect when you are alone only with yourself what they have done to your self esteem. Think as a woman think as a mother. Think as a professional woman who has led a life with her head held high.

The most difficult thing is to have the courage to ruthlessly tell the truth to your own self to analyse your own self. For your own sake please do It.

My best wishes to you.

Shabnam Hashmi


  1. Disgusting decision by Bedi, she can never progress with BJP

  2. Very good articulation so far as Kiran Bedi ji is concerned because I am not sure if all the attrocities cited have really taken place. It is distressing to see people behave the way bedi ji is described to have behaved. The days of king and subjects are long past. I would not let down my ego and self esteem even if I am relatively a non entity.

  3. Never trust this Islamist lady. All these stories are just cooked up.

    • Ok. Go watch documentary by Rakesh Sharma on 2002 riots. BTW I am from Gujarat.

    • Modi is a recorded as a criminal in US – HRC reports since 2002. And his name is still there – despite being granted VISA to the US. If he enters USA without diplomatic immunity, he will be arrested…

      • I name MODI as a HINDU NATIONAL ‘MUDDAI’ culprit not Hinhustani or
        Indian, A mean Chawalla clown priest of Guja-raat which is always in
        extreem DARKNESS of communalism. The lover of garlands,
        turbans,Tikka’s,pernna’s,Lipsticks and Ganni’s, hungry for name and
        fame, wears 10 lakhs Jacket with his MUDDAI name. which he never bought
        rather accepted GIFT from other mean Guja-ratti and wore DARK GLASSES as
        a CLOWN P.M with Pres. Obama in the prade.. Accomplished NOTHING in 9
        months. NEVER accepted GANGA MATTA call EVEN. His cabinet consists of
        primery school graduates,criminals, saffron clad Gundda’s cashiers
        Guru’s,corrupt people with no sence to talk. Ramzaday’s, Haramzaday’s
        low class inhuman Hindu Nationals. AAP has pushed THE SHIT back to
        MUDDAI’S MOUTH,NOSE & EARS which HE threw during his speaches on
        other parties in INDIA. THE LAND of GOD’S” MUDDAI has no SHAME being
        polititian or clown Mean chawalla P.M. ” THE LAND of GOD’S ” , The
        people of India elected him not knowing his LIES & Meanness of low
        quality. ” KUTTA RAJ BAHALYH – CHAKKI CHATTAN JAYA”. I hope people will
        learn and look forward for their GOOD. We have LOVE . FEELINGS and HOPE
        for their HAPPINESS & PROSPEROUS LIFE. May GOD Bless ” THE LAND OF
        GOD’S” Indians should WAKE UP ??????????????.or REAP ?????. Good Luck.

    • no, they are not cooked up, they are too real to be easily digested though.

  4. What do you expect from a staunch anti-Modi, anti-BJP Muslim writer?

    • P B Josh- did you read the article/letter? There is nothing here that has not already been documented in unbiased reporting by different newspapers at that time- its a different thing that the same media guys would be scared of speaking the same now.

  5. Funny, in spite of all the atrocities against Muslims , their numbers in India goes up. And in spite of all the tolerance shown by the Muslims with the HIndus in Pakistan and Bangladesh, their numbers decrease every year. Will the author respond to the reason, or she only speaks for the Muslims only.

    • This kind of thinking will never lead us to better place. If someone condemn crime against minorities don’t argue that same person should condemn each and every instance of crime in history of world. The article is on Modi. I am sure she condemn the evil doing of ISIS as well.

      Wrong is wrong, done by any religious outfit. But you should not punish the innocent followers of same religion. If ISIS kill someone in name of Islam that does not mean all muslim are guilty of their crime. We should separate crime with religion and take action based on crime and not on religious ground.

      Also on the point that Hindu population is decreasing in Pak and Bangladesh. Which means Pakistan and Bangladesh is intolerant toward minorities(Hindus). Which is sad and wrong. Now do you want India to walk on their steps? Do you want India to be like Pak and Bangladesh? Why not learn the good from other successful nations.

      Just remember “An eye for an eye will make whole world blind”.

    • You’re a virulent inciter of violence harry. You have every right to express your views, as does Ms. Hashmi, but your views reek of communal divide – India is for Indians. I’m a Hindu, but I do not subscribe to Hindutva dogmatism, and I am ashamed that the Hindusim way of life – peaceful in all aspects, is being torn to shreds by communal fools like you. Ms. Hashmi’s words ring true, she writes to Kiran Bedi, but you should hear her too, and hear yourself. What a shame that the bigots who run this country have been placed there by people like you. What a shame.

      • What gives you to think you are right and the rest are wrong? Try living in the arab countries, and you will know.

        • I’ll ask you the same question Harry and urge you to look at Arab countries too. Religious extremism in any form is wrong. Firstly you are insinuating that India is for Hindus – why won’t you accept equal rights for other religions? Secularism is a fundamental premise of our constitution. What makes you think that a country dominated by Hindu extremists will not turn into a dogmatic Islamic state? There is enough socio-political data to prove the likelihood of this happening. Why would you place religion before humanity? Look at the nonsense Hindutva leaders like Sakshi Maharaj are spouting. Hear the violence in words spoken by Swami Omji (trending on Social Media today). Read the facts about Gujarat riots before you share your opinions.

          Now… here is why I can tell you that you are wrong, and I am right – I believe in the reasons India became a secular nation. And I believe in my right to express my distaste for anyone who sides with extremists.

          • No India is not for Hindus, it is for everyone minus the terrorists, and illegal immigrants from Bangladesh..

          • You speak of Muslims as terrorists. Here lies the seed of small and irrational thinking Harry, to equate all Muslims as terrorists instead of some terrorists as Muslims. Are you forgetting the terror plot set up by the Hindutvas against mosques? Do you not find the intent of terror in Swami Omji’s words words when he says they killed Gandhi and they will also kill Kejriwal? Maybe that Pragnya lady and Omji too should be evicted from the country, and also the person you might possibly revere so much, who commited genocide against thousands of Gujurati Muslims. Are you so goddamn blind to not realize that terrorism has no religion, only violence? You say you stay in the west. Maybe they should throw you out for harbouring thoughts of communal violence – it will always be you versus the terrorist Muslims. So sad, to live a life dominated by prejudice and paranoia. Amd of course, delusions.

          • All muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are muslims.

          • “All terrorists are Muslims”. Don’t you feel silly saying things like that? It’s really time you stopped making sweeping communal statements.

            Terrorism knows no religion. I can however spin your own logic and speak of Saffron Terror ( Likewise, I can also cite examples of mass conversion melas by RSS and gang, while they were beating up Xmas carol singers in other parts of the country. That can be branded as terrorism too. And again Swami Omji’s death threats to Kejriwal while subsequently approving of Gandhi’s assassination. He’s a leader of the party you believe in. Then again, these are extremists, separate from the Hinduism they subscribe to, like the terrorists who also happen to believe in Islam.

            Seriously Harry… get your fundas right. You sound ridiculous mouthing off stupidity on a public forum. Go back to your bubble and stew in your own hate. I don’t think you are worthy of anymore rational response.

          • You are a pakistani taking hindu name. However perception is based on what happens around you and majority in India and ion non-muslim countries think about the muslims in a very negative manner and they all cannot be wrong.

          • Why Pakistani? All Hindus are not bigots or liars. Are you giving your example a Hindu with Christian name?

          • Hindu terror, if there is any, is confined in India only. Islamic terror are exported to the world including China.

        • thousands upon thousands of immigrants live in arab countries, including non-muslims, you need to come out from under the stone, its a new day out here dear hariya.

          • The go there because they cannot come to the west. Those places are all hell holes. I should know I lived there.

          • and why do they need to go to west or anywhere ? cant you fix your own country to ensure them good life there ?

            you are actually admitting that they are even willing to go to hell holes rather than staying in your country ?

            now let me expect you blame the seculars in your country for the situation.. am i right ?

          • I lived there, please do not lecture me, they are not immigrants, they are workers. Look in the dictionary what the word means.

          • why did you go to the hell hole hariya ?
            you are probably pissed off because you were not too happy to be able to bribe your way off after breaking the law, so you come and rant here now.

        • You are living in the west, did you ever face any atrocities from the Christian majority countries? That is not the case for minorities including Christians in India.

  6. The author, and many of her like, cannot digest the fact that Modi has smashed the vote bank politics. In Kashmir PDP is sharing power with BJP. Peoples’ lives wherever are lost is sad. But the author, like most Muslims, are one sided, and that is not acceptable. Muslims started Godhra riots and the aftermath was a repercussion.
    Looking back, in 1946, Muslims started great Calcutta killings, and then that spread to Bihar where Muslims were killed. Read history.

    • What I want to say is Muslim killing in Godhra and getting killed in Ahmadabad and other places in Gujarat. Both are wrong. I right thing is to get hold of Muslim who had killed innocent Hindus in Godhra and bring them to justice. Saying its a repercussion is very wrong.

  7. powerful and passionate.

  8. Gujarat riots cottage Industry trying to regroup.

  9. Sounds like the last nail in the coffin of Bedi’s dream to rule Delhi cashing on political capital amassed by Modi-Shah through means both licit and illicit. Bedi is no more the proud and confidence-inspiring lady from India. Looks like this was the worst decision she ever took on her life.

  10. ha ha … ‘idea of india’ jihadi jhola wala aunty ,cryng and cribbing against a upright and honest police officer… why these ‘ jihadi’ aunties cant go to pakistan and bangladesh or even travel to kashmir to inquire about poor hindus living there..

    Jihadi aunty should understand that Hindus in India waken up now and will not tolerate these kind of nonsense any longer.


  12. Modi is a recorded as a criminal in US – HRC reports since 2002. And his name is still there – despite being granted VISA to the US. If he enters USA without diplomatic immunity, he will be arrested…

  13. Does the author feel the same way for the victims of islam? Dont think so. Hypocrisy n violence r hallmarks of their kind. If the courts hav given clean chit, that is gud enuff for any sane person. Take ur venom elsewhere-preferably a muslim country.

  14. Energetic and Powerful

  15. Once I was really proud that there is a person named Kiran Bedi, now i am really regretting for the same thought which i had.

  16. Ms shabanam hashmi if u r so much care of women plz dont waste ur time here & go & save muslim women getting raped by muslim in muslim country or sit next to bedi hv coffee & put ur feet in hot water & relax. Dont teach us what is right or wrong.
    Root of this problem started when islamic ppl invaded india & looted, murdrered, raped & divided nation & destroying hindu culture to apply islamic secularisam. Why dont u goto to pakistan, syria, libiya, egypt, afghan & help & save women…urrr…u cant ….u must enjoying ur coffee on rocking chair.
    Ppl like u can see the world what islam culture want u to see.
    Women getting raped, stone to death& burnt alive in school in pak was it bjp, modi, congress or any indian party?….oh…u cant hv gurts to speak maybe u will b d nxt in such country.
    it was ppl like u who create such situation full of hatred, discrimination & violence which is now boucing back mostly to innocent women in islamic country.
    But u dont worry about muslims in India they r more sefer in india than islamic country. Becoz Bhagwad Gita nevere said to treat muslim as KAFIR & take JIJIYA tax from them.
    keep on doing d same thing if u wan to fulfill ur sense gratification.

    • syed zargham husain

      Ms.Jayant Tiwari, Please try to understand that all Indian are Indian first then Hindu & Muslim.Every Indian has an equal right , you and people like you must have to understand this first and if you don’t agree with it then your intolerant & extremist attitude is justified .

    • Even you aren’t the original resident of India. Only dravidis were the original residents of this land. You also came from outside and parted the community in to 4 casts. Exploited the original residents.

  17. amazing……she must be worked up to find this bold letter……every bit of it says a lot.

  18. I am not surprised by reading sickness and venom in the bellow comment postings. This is a difficult time where peace, prosperity and humanity is the victim. In the year 2002 I was at Borsat, Gujarat and no body killed me.I still remember human soul like N.U.Petal. I have strong belief that all religions are for human being and humanity will never die.

  19. Another open response to Kiran Bedi from a Fellow Indian

    Ms. Bedi, in your opening sentence you have pointed two fingers, one at my friend democracy, and another at my socio-cultural bearing. Whereas by ‘well meaning people’, you refer to yourself I concur. Public criticism is ok when you enter the public domain; this is the flavour of raw awareness, however your emaciated fellow Indian could not digest the alphabet soup that you graciously served with too many I’s in it. Maybe some abbreviations like 6P’s were uncooked.As you wanted a stable government in alignment with the government of India: now both wishes have been granted so you may rejoice this time.Your fellow Indian salutes the true soldier in you for falling with grace, only the brave can fight a losing battle. Your courage will be recorded in history; rest assured that you would be remembered one way or the other.

    Ma’am, I, your fellow Indian am loud and uncouth on occasion, not having the levelheadedness you envision for me. I will try to uplift myself in the future so that I’m able to elect better-qualified leaders in my lifetime.I respect your view that ideal candidates should be chosen in an ideal manner and contestants should ideally campaign without public ‘appeals’. I sincerely wish that your ideology connected with new leaders who will make it their life’s ambition to convert ideology to reality, even if they have to contest in the currently less than ideal conditions, to reach bigger goals.

    In the end I fail to wish away the pessimism in your views. In this time of dire need, when I don’t have water to drink nor feel safe in a city where crime is rife, hanging onto overcrowded buses traveling uncomfortably on bad roads, I sometimes expect a positive word, a ray of hope that can tide me through this day. Sadly, ma’am, as you realize now, one can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I wasn’t able to change the system myself, nor were you able see beyond your own qualities to make me smile today.

    Fellow Indian

  20. Whom you’re asking ma’am? All this requires self conscience, which lacks in Ms Bedi from beginning.