An Open Challenge to Arnab Goswami, NewsX and Zee News

Kavita Krishnan, on her facebook wall

An open challenge to Arnab Goswami. For one night, come for a News Hour to a place of our choice, perhaps JNU. Don’t sit in the anchor’s seat. Instead we’ll invite Rahul Shivshankar of News X and Sudhir Choudhury of Zee News to join you as guests. The three of you can face questions about doctored videos and fake IB reports, and a legion other inaccuracies in your ‘news’ debates on JNU. No beating about the bush or shifting the goalposts to sedition or slogans – the debate will stay squarely on doctored videos and fake IB reports and fake tweets. You’ll be asked what’s the difference between what you did to JNU using doctored videos and what ABVP did to Rohith using faked clams of injuries which was actually appendicitis. You’ll be asked why you lied when Siddharth Varadarajan of Wire first exposed you. Why, when your lie was caught, you again put a fresh spin on your use of the doctored video. The Nation Really Wants to Know, how Arnab G, Rahul S or Sudhir C can sleep at night, having tarnished the reputation of JNU, endangered students by inciting violence a them. Can you face such questions? If not, don’t ever act as sanctimonious judge and jury ever again. Your reputation is in shreds. You’re a liar, plain and simple, one who doesn’t care that his lies might endanger lives of young people.




  1. Romesh Bhattacharji

    You are giving these lying gas bags too much of importance. Ignore these presstitutes.

  2. jnu’s draupadi. except that ur not panch-ali but sau-chali.. which reminds me of sauchalay now for some reason.

  3. Arnab Goswami is a well known foot licker of the current ruling party, so no one expects anything better from him.

    • Arnab is not a foot liker, he is a journalist who love India other than politics… Mr. Ashish singh You may be a foot liker of terrorist because your sound is like that.. shut up your bled y mouth .

      • Arnab is an idiot and a foot licker to the core. You obviously have no idea about ethical journalsm

        • Oh really, and you think the likes of Barkha Slut and Rajdeep are not footlickers and are ethical journalist? lol.. you just confirmed you are a hypocrite of the highest order. It is Barkha and Rajdeep who are footlickers, anti India, anti-hindu and anti-modi who will even sell their mother if they are offered a price. You need to learn what ethical journalism is.

      • welcome dalal of the saffronites, who when not able to debate on saner lines,start abusing & indulge in violence.

    • Arnab is close friend of jaitley.. when there was DCA scam, he never questioned jaitely role instead of accusing BJP MP Kirti Azad.

      • U idiot dont u know difference between scam and terrorism. Scam is a crime and Jaitley need to be in jail for that but that doesn’t give you an excuse to support terrorism. If u r educated sounds like an educated person dont start barking like dogs

      • And whose friend is Barkha and Rajdeep, why didn;t they question the Malda riots and the arrest of Kanhairya? bloody hypocrite

        • Barkha and Rajdeep discussed about malda. Infact 1st malda discussion was carried out by Rajdeep before Arnab. What happen in Malda ? tell me how many people died there. Right wing tried to get an opportunity like in Muzafar nagar. But failed.

    • And you are a foot licker of the congress who has looted India. I guess you must be one of those who benefitted from the loot and now upset that you can’t loot it anymore. Anyone who can support the corrupted congress is clearly corrupted themselves. Who are you? People know Arnab, who the hell is the dumbass Ashish ?

      • It appears from the prick you felt, you are on the paid rolls of Arnab Goswami. Patroitism is not something to be exhibited blatantly, the best e.g is Mahatma Gandhi. However imbeciles like you will not understand,for you exhibitionist tendencies is proof of your love for one’s country.

  4. abee chutiyee ….. You are so blind in Modi haterate that you seems to be ready to go down to any level …. Jab Hindustan hi nahee rahee ga to tu apni dukan kahaa chalayee ga …..

  5. Stupid arguments … Just think above politics . What’s Modi saying , what’s Rahul saying or what’s Karat saying .. Is not factors . The factor is what’s India saying ..what’s our brave soldiers saying .. What’s our common man saying .. Do you think , terrorist are only those who fight against our system by their fatal AK-47 ???? No.. The main culprits are those who support mass killer.. Who stimulate such fatal thinking by supporting terrorists openly .. So please be cool & think above your politics ..above your religion . India is our mother & this is our motherland .. If some one sloganing against India ..if some want to break our motherland … What will be our reaction ?? Stop stupid Politics ..stop vote bank politics .. & sought for India ..


  7. देशभक्तों ने तिरंगा तब फहराया था जब तिरंगा फहराने या वन्देमातरम गाने पर सीधा जेल होती थी —-

  8. This is the main problem of you….ndtv,aajtak,indiatoday they are supporting you,but still you are more intrested to know why timenow,zeenews,indianewz are lying(which is not correct),just wait for the judgement of court why fighting,go to kashmir border for that.

  9. So, Kavita Krishnan agrees that the venue of a debate is where the power resides. So, maybe now the government should even more aggressively sanitize JNU of commie retards so that more equitable debates can be held.

  10. Why do you allow trolls to dirty the comment board? The trolls, here and elsewhere, are not in favour of free speech, why doesn’t the site moderator return the favour? If showing doctored videos that have engulfed the ‘nation’ in a needless, violent debate and has shamed our ‘national’image on the global stage, is not an ANTI-NATIONAL act, then what is? The nation, (not just the trolls) wants to know!

    • Freespeech? How come you have no objection to Kanhaiya being denied his free speech, how come, you have no objections to the religion of peace rioting and burning hindu homes and demanding for Kanhaiya’s death just because he practiced free speech? How come you did not protest against Kanhaiya’s arrest and demand that he be allowed to practice free speech? How come you did not protest the killing of Prashant Pujari but clearly protest the dadri killing? Aren’t you a hypocrite, you should be ashamed of yourself. The only troll I see here is you, as all the other comments are in favour of Arnab. Many like me, don’t even know who the hell is this Krishna whatever.

    • free speech के ठेकेदारो, कमलेश तिवारी याद है ।

  11. As Arnab Says : Your Time is Up !

    ……everybody knows who is lying …. Your attempt of “Doctored video” failed 2 days ago.

  12. who is Kavita krishnan? ROFL

  13. Such charges can be leveled against any journalist. No one is totally neutral. Sagarika Ghosh is on record saying ‘the journalist must always be in some senses in an adversarial relationship with the powerful, whatever his political stripe and shape’. Had she stuck to this statement, she would have deserved a hearing and some respect. She did not when Cong was in power. However, does anyone always have to be opposing the ‘powerful’ on some pretext or the other for the sake of opposing? Is there no other way to get news? Is siding with the powerful always wrong? Also, has anyone proved that slogan shouting by Umar Khalid was doctored on video? Why is the main issue being obfuscated by these people? What happens to the nation if u allow some to break it up into pieces or vow to take revenge for ‘judicial killings ‘ of terrorists? Are we ready for another attack on the parliament?

  14. Kavita – Can we have open discussion around psuedo secularism, leftist agenda of dividing the nation slogans of bharat ke tukdey, Kashmiri separitists joining the campus and asking for separation ? How some of the NGOs being asked to disclose accounts are creating these issues. No shifting of goal posts to what some lawyers did etc. ? Debate on the anti national activities in say in any of the army barracks/cantonment .

  15. Kavitha Krishnan, you will not be able to hold on for two minutes before Arnab. Don’t make a fool of yourself you stupid commie.

  16. Arnab Goswami is only sincere and country loving journalist i find in today time where most of journalists sold themselves to paid media , and look who talking. DO we Indians have to listen to these rascals terrorist now. They are studying from our money and they are saying against our Country, our Army, our Flag. Everyone has a right to say against leaders, politicians, PM, but no one has right to say against my Country, my India my Army.

    • Despite the fact if ur India is accused of adapting colonialism. Despite if ur Army is accused and convicted in numerous fake encounters, rapes and human rights violations in Kashmir and despite if there was no proper evidence of Afzal Guru’s direct involvement, still ur country hanged him and also his family was not informed before the execution even the dead body was not handed over to his family. Shameless Indians still do not feel ashamed.

      • So pakistani knows better about my country, dont you guys have any work in your country except interfering in India. What we do in India, is or Business, you are no one to teach us what to do or not in my Country? Shameless and cheap Paki who interfere in my country. About your Guru, evertyhing was proved, you believe or not, guilty was punished after gathering proper evidence by Supreme Court.

  17. The video, as per your assessment may be fake (doctored by the news channel?) but were the sound bytes too? If you did not raise the slogans then tell or identify who were they! Let the courts decide whether they were anti national or seditious in nature. For you being pro Pakistani could be right to dissent but see what this has encouraged the terrorists across the border to do in Kashmir.

  18. I do believe that the ‘Pakistan zindabad’ voice in video might have been doctored, but it’s a fact that there was an event to glorify Afzal Guru’s death … How is commemorating the death of a convicted Terrorist and raising slogans in his support not hurt your moral self … It’s like someone sitting right in your home and praising a convicted felon who hurt your mother, can’t expect other neutral normal people to just see that as freedom of speech if not sedition!

  19. Mast timepass hai yeah 😀 carry on

  20. Basic Question! Why JNU and Jat happen !? any one knows reality !?
    every time Congress scams came out… Congress do such things in India to divert public attention from thr corruption scams!
    Check records ! Why Taj happens !? check records months before what happen in India ! Whats in News tht time !
    Congress use all together 67 year funda of Aagrej.. Divide n rule… ! same they r doing now… they give Aarakshan ! why.. to divide ppl n get vote bank… ! In name of secular see wht they have done to India ! n still to get into power they are doing same thing !
    you all educated people can’t see this ! whts use of your education then !

  21. There is a trend, blame others, when u can’t defend yourself. The same is for Cong,Aap,left supporters.

  22. Surya Rao Tirumallasetti

    Ma’am, I accept ur challenge. Im an NRI, and the CEO of my company. I have been away from India since almost 2 decades. Im also appalled at what is going on in my motherland. The India I left and the India now has completely changed. I dont know about doctored videos and fake IB reports. And, let me tell u, that, I shall come there with the premise that, what u say is right. If this makes u feel better. I accept ur challenge, either inside JNU or outside JNU. I dont know anyone in Delhi. I shall come alone and leave alone. No debate shud be complete without stakes. Let us decide on the stakes when we meet and in front of the cameras. Usually, people who throw challenges shud also be ready for the stakes. I also welcome, Ms.Burkha, Mr.Rajdeep and anyone from the MSM to also join us in the debate. U can reach me at or Awaiting ur valued response.

  23. I am a not an India citizen. However, I know who Arnab is, but who the hell is this Kavita Krishnan, never heard of her? She must be one of the presstitutes that I have heard about though.

  24. Arnab is a self-proclaimed journalist who is a fool. Known only to out shout the others. Never listens to those who speak the truth. Doesn’t give much chance for others to speak. His yelling makes the listeners irritant.

  25. Shame less man arnob, his father is BJP Leader mother contest the election for BJP then what do you expect from Arnob

  26. Shabbir Ahmed Bijli

    T R U T H A L O N E W I L L T R I U M P H

    O my all country man & Arnab Goswami “You must tell the truth. Truthfulness leads to right action. Right action leads to the Garden. Beware of lying. Lying leads to corruption, and corruption leads to the Fire. Don’t you see that it is said, ‘He speaks the truth and acts rightly,’ and, ‘He lies and is corrupt.’

  27. कविता का ngo मोदी गवर्नमेंट ने बन्द करा दिया है। इसिलिए बार बार कविता मोदी का विरोध करती है।


    may be she wants to sleep with more men who are not her spouse or lover ……and tweet that too ….arnab rahul and shivshankar can have better choice !!!!!!! this apart, now we know that Kavita thinks that JNU is an anti establishment fortress…let her come there, no problem, but sadly it will be the last day for anti establishment and naxalite commie groups …for their pseudo theories would have been shredded and fed to dogs…


    first change your name….it is not India resisting.. it is only a few anti nationals cribbing…so your new name should be anti national cribbing….

  30. I have been asking this video from the day it happened, why JNU students are not helping to catch those guys who raise those anti-national slogans? And Kavita, can you please make our defence personnel understand that how supporting Afzal guru was right when everyday they are putting up their life’s for us? We all stand with JNU, it is one of the top most institutes of India and we all expect that all the prime mind, some come out of JNU too, so why instead of claiming the status back, JNU is fighting? Why not helping to catch anti-nationals?

  31. Kavita Krishna a Bitch who can’t even stand in front of me for a minute.. forget arnab… I Can rip her a part with whatever question she has. She is nothing but a fool who is trying to get MEDIA attention for self glorification but you go behind with hard truth…. she will cry like a WHORE and come up with all kind of illogical questions.

  32. THis BITCH was was in JNU when there was a MUSHAYRA from Pakistani and they said Pakistan ZINDABAD and our two soldiers confronted them and THEY all beat them up including JNU STUDENTS so this fuckkkng Institute is a breeding ground of TERRORISTS. It should be shut down or need clinical wipe out.

  33. What an idiot who started this crap here. But in a way it’s good more you anti India people will raise your voices and are exposing yourselves, people would know your reality and can treat you accordingly.

    Pakistan wanted you to be sleeper cells but many of you have got yourselves activated and shown off.

    Good for India anyways..

  34. The root cause of inciting students to shout anti-National slogans should be found out. The incident took place in Delhi and Pakistan news said very next day that it had spread all over India in 16 universities. There is some Pakistan connection to it. The accounts of all these student leaders and so also the politicians with vested interests should be checked especially when an opposition member asks for the help of the enemy country, on their TV channel, openly to help them to come to power.

  35. Arnav Goswami is a capitalist agent of a powerful Group. We never heard any single voice from him against Ambani and Adani so far who are looting India under PM Modi and Jaitly nexus.

  36. Kavita, mercenaries have to peddle lies that kill. They sell themselves to the top paymaster. Simple!

  37. so u people still following the updates..?

  38. Hey Kavita Krishnan it would be better if you come for a debate on Times Now Or NewsX Or Zee TV with Rohit Sardana…. I can bet you will run away as you wont have the answers. For all those at JNU including the Professors talking against the Country is Freedom of Speech. If you are so concerned, then better resign from the job and join the politics.

  39. Madam Kavitha all the students of JNU are not bad but whether you agree that anti national or slogans against National interests were raised on Feb 9th, do not deny because your own president has accepted this, and also the same president was fined Rs3000 for humiliating a girl of your campus, if you still support such activities and have the courage to have a debate then you should have your head examined and there will be lot of doubts about your own character. If you are student then stick to studying instead of playing politics

  40. Rationalist Central

    Very large number of people are supporting Arnab Goswani, Sudhir Chaudary and Rahul Shivshankar. And Kavita something’s lies are not successful in fooling people.

    Proves -you can’t fool many people for long.