An Absconding DGP in Vibrant Gujarat: Pandeyji Kyun Bhag Rahe Hain?

Mukul Sinha

Mukul Sinha
Eminent lawyer and civil rights activist. The post is taken from his recent facebook update.

It is not very often that the Additional Director General of Police, 2nd in command in a state is declared an absconder by the court. Well the ADGP of Modi Government, Mr PP Pandey has been. He’s been missing in action for over a month now since he got the whiff of his arrest proposal.

Just like the now celebrated IB officer Rajinder Kumar who is allegedly involved in deliberately providing wrong intelligence inputs and being part of the conspiracy of the fake encounter, Mr Pandey was also in the business of ‘inputs’.

Quoting from the FIR filed by Gujarat Police: ‘In due course around 23:00 hours on 14.6.2004, the Jt. C.P. Shri P.P Pandey received intelligence from confidential source that above mention Javed and two Pakistani fidayeens armed with weapons and explosives, have proceeded towards Ahmedabad from Mumbai in blue Indica car No. M.H. 02 – JA 4786’

We have already seen in previous posts, what kind of uber-modern explosives and firearms the alleged ‘terrorists’ carry! Lets see how well does Gujarat Police does with intelligence inputs.

Here’s an extract from the FIR (bearing no. DCB PS I CR No. 8 of 2004) filed by the SIT team that was constituted by the High Court of Gujarat.

Para 6: There are oral and circumstantial evidence that the deceased Amjad Ali, was kept in illegal confinement at Arham farm near Koba Circle (on the outskirts of Ahmedabad City) prior to the purported encounter (Note: Sohrabuddin and Kausarbi were also kept in this same Arham farm starting from November 24th 2005, seems like a place to ‘farm’ bodies and not vegetation)

Para 6.1 Oral evidences disclose that one young male and one young female were intercepted while travelling in a blue coloured Indica car at Vasad Toll Booth by some Crime Branch personnel including Shri NK Amin and Shri Tarun Barot, and that they were taken away towards Ahmedabad, two days before the purported encounter. Apparently, the occupants of the car could be Javed and Ishrat.

So it looks like Mr PP Pandey was the one circulating the original ‘fake’ input that dreaded terrorists are enroute to terminate Mr Modi, while they already had all these alleged terrorists in their custody lock, stock and barrel.

PP Pandey Ji kyon nahin bhaagenge.


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