Adivasis affected by coal-mining blockade road in Chhattisgarh, thousands of trucks stranded

Arun Pannalal

Economic blockade continues on the third day in Tanmar, Sarguja

These are the country people that GODS forgot, but corporates  scheming  politicians middle men,  corrupt  officials touts  know  it too  well. Price less land to grab. Pre-puberty  adivasi girls any  one can  rape , be assured  there will be NO FIR, MLC, investigation, Courts , public  outrage, media  exposure. Corporates  are acknowledged  for their  meticulous  management  and reach.

Tanmar  Distt  Sarguja  Chattisgarh, once  gods  own  country is protected  by  the  fifth  schedule of  the  Indian  Constitution. Coal, iron-ore  and water  is in abundance. Twenty  years  ago Chhattisgarh  was  formed, these  vultures  descended, promising  development. The Govt  acquires  land  for industries , there is a set  proceedure  and law. Compensation  will be borne by industrial units. Rehabilitation  will  be done by state  govt before  taking away  adivasis land. Then there is a lengthy  process  of notices  public  hearings which the modern  day dacoits don’t want. It sets the  parameters  of what one adivasi  will get.Also  defines and fixes  the liability of  corporate, which  they do not want. Thus this unholy nexus of corporates, politicians, officials  and touts  came  into  existence. The victims are those  simpleton adivasis, who  have lost their everything. The  police drive down to their villages asking them to sign some unknown documents. Some  sign  some  ask what is it. Those  asking what it is  are herded to the police station. After some time adivasi children come asking for their parents. Boys  are simply  killed by a speeding truck, just as if on cue. Their bodies are handed back only  after a hefty sum has been to the doctors in the name of postmortem which was not done,even not one  MLC (medical legal case) exists in the files . The girls  are public meat for all. Owner of one big industrial group was reportedly personally  present  to supervise the raping in his presence.

The courts  are  out of bounds for them, Adivasis disturb the law and order  are shooed away, persistent  ones are arrested. Then  the girls are shifted from thana to thana on monthly basis  for anyone’s pleasure.

The acquisition  and rehabilitation  is also a  quaint process here. Dead of night  you suddenly hear  rumblings and roar of bulldozers. They  do nothing  to your house , simply dump  huge heaps of soil  all around , better still  dig deep trenches  so no one can enter  or  go out . In the  morning  revenue  officials  will  be there , remove all meagre belongings and place it under a tree, saying this is your new house.

Each  village  has been connected by cemented road. There  are  check post  barriers  in each village  on the entry  and exit  sides . BARRIERS  ARE OWN ED  AND MANNED BY CORPORATE  HOUSES .Even  if  a villager dies, permission from  the  industrial house is to be taken for conducting last rites.

These agitating brave hearts  want that acquisition  law  should be implemented in word and spirit. Give us   our  due compensation as per law, rehabilitate us as per law before you take our lands. THAT ALL. Nothing more.

When the development is complete, adivasi  girls are  employed in the  units. Afraid parents accompany them in the  buses, clutching girls hands. On alighting girls are snatched away taken to roadside  dhabas  and left free  after an hour.

Yes this happened on regular basis THIS IS THE SAME VILLAGE  TAMNAR ,where  road has been blocked  by the adivasis, thousand  trucks  on each side have piled up. Use of force is imminent. WILL SEE IF THE WILL OF DEMOCRACY  SURVIVES. GOLIATH  HAS TO DIE, DAVID  HAS STOOD UP.

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