Action Alert: Chandigarh Administration,Stop Demolitions of 9 Colonies

A petition by Coalition for Inclusive Chandigarh,

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Nine colonies, are to be demolished by the Chandigarh Administration on or after 03/06/2014, rendering 20,000 to 30,000 people homeless in one go. These include  Madrasi Colony, Ambedkar Colony, Kabari Colony, Sanjay Colony, Kumhar Colony, LBS Colony, Gursagar Bhattal, Kalyan Colony, Janata Colony are housed by people working as factory workers, domestic help, street vendors, casual labourers, artists etc. The demolitions are supposed to happen in the heat of summer with temperatures ranging around 45°C. About half of the people who will be rendered homeless are young children, who will not only bear the brunt of the extreme weather conditions but are also  liable to lose their friends, childhood homes and schools.

Slum DemolitionThe undue and unnecessary hurry with which Chandigarh administration is moving, leaves little time for these residents to make alternative arrangements, approach  a court of law or talk to political/administrative authorities to stall the demolitions. This is the 3rd in the series of demolitions of the Chandigarh administration has carried out since November last year. The 1st demolition was of Labour Colony No. 5 in November 2013 which made about 50,000 residents homeless in one go, followed by the demolition of 4 colonies (Pandit Colony, Mazdoor Colony, Nehru Colony and Kuldeep Colony) on 10/05/2014 when about 20,000 residents were made homeless. The claims under the Chandigarh Small Flats Scheme 2006, filed by residents of these 5 colonies are still pending before the estate office and the Chandigarh Administration, yet before fulfilling its administrative and constitutional duties, the Chandigarh administration has issued this notice.

Housing and shelter for all has been declared to be a basic human and is treated as a part of’ Right to life’ under the Constitution of India. We believe that those who play an  important role in making and maintaining Chandigarh as  one of the India’s most modern cities, should not be rendered homeless.

We believe before displacement, an arrangement for rehabilitation for those affected, should be in place, which includes residence, employment, healthcare, education, transportation and other civic amenities. Recently colonies have been demolished without provision for the abovementioned facilities which was the responsibility of Administration. Now the Administration has chance to redeem itself by not repeating the mistakes it made.

As concerned citizens of India and the world, we demand that demolition notice dated 13th May 2014 should be immediately withdrawn and the Chandigarh Small Flats Scheme 2006 should be revaluated after consultations with all stakeholders concerned, prioritizing the needs and demands of the people who have been displaced during the recent demolition drives.


Shivraj V. Patil, Administrator of Chandigarh
KK Sharma, Advisor to Administrator
Mohammed Shayin, Deputy Commissioner
Kirron Kher, Member of Parliament, Chandigarh

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