ABVP Gets Violent on Students Protesting in BHU for 24/7 Library: Admin Threatens Shehla Rashid, Others

A happy day with some sad events. Students reclaimed the Lanka Gate from the Sanghi goons. But ABVP is so scared of the beautiful students’ movement, that they showed their ugly face. They threatened violence repeatedly, but when we refused to leave the spot, they actually hurled a hand grenade at us, right in front of the police. Reminds one of the hand grenade delivered to FTII Director, warning not to call JNU students. Will anyone call them a terrorist now? Oh well, they swear by Bharat Mata and Gau Mata.

– Shehla Rashid on her facebook wall.

Day of shame: ABVP hurls hand grenade at our peaceful rally, police bows down before ABVP’s threat of violence. Today, students from JNU, Allahabad University, Jadavpur University, BBAU held a massive rally from Ravidas gate to Lanka gate in support of BHU students’ demand for 24/7 library, and against the unlawful rustication of 9 students. This unnerved the ABVP goons who resorted to repeated violence, to which the students in the peaceful public meeting did not respond. It must be pointed out that, for several years, ABVP goons have not allowed anyone to hold a programme at BHU gate. We congratulate the student community of India for ending this long stalemate and taking this brave step in the direction of restoring campus democracy. It is shameful that ABVP, which failed to stand with the students’ demand for library, was quick to hold a rally against our programme!! When students refused to respond to violence by ABVP, the ABVP hurled a hand grenade on the gathering in full police presence, following which the police forced us to leave the place, rather than arresting the guy who hurled the grenade. Against this spate of violence, we held a massive rally to the Assi Ghat and peacefully concluded the programme. Don’t expect all this to be reported in mainstream media.

 – From Anant Prakash’s facebook wall

“Tu meri beti hoti, to mai machis mar deta” were the words of one of the security official of BHU to me.
Today, before the Student Youth convention at BHU gate, we reached Chittupur gate of BHU. As soon as we reached there, the Security Officer Mr, Zaidi rushed at us along with some security personal of BHU. All of them were in khaki uniform. What enfolded in front of us after that, forces me to call them patriarchal goons in uniform. These goons in uniform, tried to physically push us without any provocation. This Mr. Zaidi shouted that it is his duty to ensure that no one stand near the gate. The entire area near BHU were full of police to ensure that no one reveals that the king ( BHU VC orvMr. Modi, MP from Varanasi) is actually naked. When I told him that he had no right to physically touch anyone and he must show us his I’d card if he claims he is entrusted with any official duty, his associates hurlef these words to me
1. Ladki ho ladki jaisa raho
2. Tum bahar niklo, dekho kya karte hai
3. Tu meri beti hoti to mai machis mar deta.
All these happened in front of Mr. Zaidi, who apparently is the security officer.
The student youth convention was successfully held. Students spoke, people marched against fascist lumpish inside BHU and in Varanasi.
I am going to file a complaint with the State Women’s Commission about the entire episode. These people who wear khaki uniform and claim to be custodian of law and order must not be left unchallenged.

Sucheta De, President, All India Students Association





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