9 things the RSS has disowned recently. It’s their old trick.

Ehmad Sajed

RSS disowns the article in its own mouthpiece.
RSS disowns the article in its own mouthpiece.

A list of old Sanghi trick. “Disown” once the job is done.

Trick working since the times of Godse.

– RSS “disowns” article defending Dadri lynching

– RSS disowns controversial Nehru article

– RSS disowns Golwalkar’s book

– RSS disowns Aseemanand

– RSS disowns Mangalore attackers

– RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat disowns Sakshi Maharaj’s ‘Hindus must have four babies’ remark!

– BJP disowns RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s call for quota review – LOL even disowned what their own chief said.. tongue emoticon

– RSS disowns Hindutva ‘fringe’

– RSS disowns controversial content by Golwalkar

This is the reality of these coward Sanghi goons, they even disown what their chief says, and this is happening since the time Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi, still if you believe in RSS, then either you are a fool or a Sanghi Bhakt.




  1. RSS is a Terrorist Organisation in India.

  2. they are Directly involved in every hate Violence but they disown & get the benefits of that

  3. very same on u mr. admin ki tum apne ish page kudh ko nationalist hone ki dongh karte ho .. n tum abhi tk rss ko hi nhi samaj paye .. jiske nam se page challa rahe ho na jaa kr usse pucho ki rss kya hai

  4. BAN RSS for safe and secure India

  5. Thanks to RSS…they are stop creating Pakistan in India….Proud of you RSS

  6. ISIS in a NGO as per Mili Gazz…?

  7. There are idiots on both sides, but unfortunately indiaresists author points out bad comments by some Hindus and tries to put the blame on RSS. Ex. The very first news shows RSS chief saying they do not take responsibility of what panchjanya says, and there is no pas comment by him or anyone else have been referred there to show if he had ever said that panchjanya is anyway connected to RSS. So how can you say that RSS is now disowning the comment? Actually it’s not a trick by RSS, it’s a trick of the media to instigate ppl especially minorities. After TimesNow, NDTV, firstpost they have launched indiaresists for sometime ppl will believe but later on they will again understand your trick and you will find more abuses than appreciation by the readers as in case of other such channels mentioned above.

  8. lol..! Is RSS is so bad . then who is killing muslim in middle east.. in Burma, why muslim killing in Italy , UK , france , sweden , germany ! hahaha. ! salo you muslim cannot live with peace with any civilised society !

  9. Salo mullo.. where are your minority in Bangladesh , Afganstan , pakistan or any other islamic country..! dont talk about dubai and Qatar where indian works.. talk about places where your minority are safe. who killed bhuddist and hindu in pakisatna nd afaganistan . who killed armenia christian and jews in middle and turkey and cyprus.! then talk of RSS. islam is terrorist ideology !