5th Anniversary of Batla House ‘Encounter’: Killing can’t be State policy, End impunity for ‘Encounters’: JTSA

By Jamia Teachers Solidarity Association,

19th September marks five years of the Batla House ‘encounter’.  Neither was this encounter unique nor the last in our long and shameful history of extra judicial violence. It has however come to symbolize how Constitutional principles are undermined and all safeguards subverted to protect a system based on impunity.

The NHRC guidelines were not followed and no magisterial enquiry was allowed into the Batla House ‘encounter’, as indeed happens with a large proportion of all encounters.  The NHRC itself participated in a brazen violation of its own guidelines by giving a clean chit to the Special Cell based on statements of senior police officers. In any case, the NHRC has seen itself as a body to disburse ‘compensations’ to the families of those killed in fake encounters, rather than ensuring that guilty police officers are punished for their crimes.

Today, when the clamour for blood and retribution threatens to erode even the pretensions to due process and rule of law, let us strengthen our struggle against extra judicial violence.

Released by JTSA on the 5th Anniversary of Batla House ‘Encounter’

Poster designed by Harsh Kapoor

Read JTSA report here, ‘Encounter’ at Batla House: Unanswered Questions



  1. Shame on you. You can stoop to this level that you are openly siding with mass-murderers. Then validity of encounter is supported by several evidence leading to significant reduction in terror attacks. Were Batla house boys were playing with toy guns which accidentally killed, injured policemen? You believe jamia nagar residents speak gospel of truth (when we know who are they and why they would give such accounts) near Batla house that all other events happened under broad daylight has to be ignored? Police were doing their duty entrusted by us, in that process one person gave his life. Have you ever heard in a fake encounter policeman dies, others get life threatening injuries? They were not mad to commit suicide in front of Batla house. You all can go to hell or commit suicide if you dont like this state and us. You cannot compare Batla enounter with countless other fake encounters, that is preposterous. When you are wishing us death and destruction, we want to say we hate you people. Remember that you also have blood in your hands, because of your kinds many terrorists were not caught in time (ex. Yasin Bhatkal) and they went ahead with their destruction (oh sorry we Indians are committing suicide in public places to give a bad name to ‘innocent sweet children’). Well-meaning citizens also should get together against evil forces like you. We should not let police be hostage to your cheap gimmicks while strongly opposing fake encounters or deaths in custody.

    • Not a single evidnece provided by the invetsigation agnecies that can prove the encounter was genuine. The batla house encounter was not only fake but a cold blooded murder committed by the criminals in uniform of Delhi Police.If you have a doubt come to me for a opend debate.

  2. Yes, yes Mr Narender Nagarwal, Ishrat Jehan gave her life for the Nation. She should be rewarded with Bharat Ratna. To her supporters bad timing LET celebrated her and had to back track…