150 mllion Indian workers will strike tomorrow against Modi’s anti-labor policies: here’s a must-watch video

September 2, 2016 will see one of the largest coordinated labour strikes ever in India, possibly in the world. Trade unions cutting across political affiliations will shut down key sectors of the Indian economy against the pro-corporate anti labour Modi Government.

Courtesy: NewsClick.in


  1. nicely made video – highlights the issues of labor/workers..I support the workers and hope the Govt changes its anti-labor policies

  2. Modi the Prime Minister of India is an open book as far his ideology is concerned.He clearly meant what he said in his statement that ‘ trader risks more than a soldier’.So where does ‘labor’ stand in his scheme of priorities,very low on the list.We cannot expect him to sympathize or empathize with the labor class.They have to just wait for the 2019 LS elections.

  3. The anti- labor policies of the present government are loud and clear. The minimum wage fixed is well below the demand. The inflation has not been taken into account. The corporates are exploiting the workers. Marginalised workers in unorganized sector are facing difficulties. The FDI is making Indian employee a stooge in the hands of foreign business tycoons. The trend is increasingly against workers. So, workers of all sectors unite and struggle…!!!

  4. Trickle-down theory has failed, says Kejriwal


    It is only #AAP led by AamAadmiChief #ArvindKejriwal which Evolves keeping AamAadmi at its Center where all the #TraditionalPoliticalParties, whether #Leftist or #Rightist , though they had been in Power in many States and in Center, Blatantly ignored the factor of increasing #InequalityOfWealth !!!


    Despite traders’ fears, the Delhi government has done the right thing by hiking minimum wages


    Government data shows that while profits of firm owners have increased continually, wage payments have fallen over the last three decades.

  5. We already have all kinds of labor protection laws but who is enforcing them. For instance, in Chennai, there is huge department stores named Saravana Stores, who exploit their workers by making them work for 14 hours without sitting at all, no holidays and no bonus. The TN government is supposed to enforce the laws but no one cares.

    • No one cares except the workers, and it is only the workers who possess the social power to create a government with meaningful labor laws. Next time someone comes along playing the populist flute of hindu nationalism, smash the flute.

  6. Stand up, working people. Sending solidarity and wishing the best of luck from Sweden.

  7. What can a strike deliver? Modi, as Prime Minister, is no longer a free lancer. He is delivering on many an issue. Don’t harm country’s economy by strikes, Create leadership in your ranks.

  8. Times are for responsibilities along with rights.

  9. ha ha ha. The whole strike was big ass Failure. This whole communist crap is so 60’s. Even China is not a communist economy, but just ruled by Communist party whose members enjoy the was wealth of state like a oligarchy.

    People need jobs, services, facilities, and Money. Because of regressive labor laws, Indian companies invest in other countries. For EX: Birla’s invested in a huge rubber manufacturing plant in China after Indian governments delayed permissions on various grounds for 10 years. The plant created 3000 jobs.

    Without money and investment how will jobs get created? The bloody socialism pulled India down for 50 years, until Narasimha rao liberted us, and for that he was shunned and thrown out by the congressi.

    Communism is a dead theory.