15 Jan: National Protest Day against POSCO

 By POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti (PPSS),

The reported Ministry of Environment and Forest (MOEF) clearance to POSCO’s atrocious Steel project imposed on the unwilling population of our area does not come as a surprise though it has shocked all of us, since it has defied democracy of our nation and dignity of our nationals as Veerapa Moily, the present minister of MOEF makes this audacious declaration just before   the arrival of the Emperor( we won’t call him  President of a democratic republic) of South Korea Mr. Park Geun-Hye’s visit from 15-18 January 2014.


We are surprised to know that the intelligentsia of this country is not questioning the approach of the Green Ministry in turning an integrated project in to convenient compartments and giving clearances separately to each one of them in a gradual manner to deceive the public. You can’t separate mines from the plant and the plant from the port. You can’t also ignore the fact that certain matters are still tried in National Green Tribunal. If Mr. Narendra Modi says it was the past MOEF minister who was taking “ Natrajan Tax” why he is so happy over Moily when this Minister has already declared that he has cleared projects worth Rs 1500000 Million?

If there is any ‘Moily Tax’ of 10 percent it would come to 150000 million rupees. We don’t know if money is playing any role but from Modi’s accusation it becomes clear that MOEF is clearing projects because big capital is involved and the concerned ruling parties ( which also includes BJP) are benefiting out of it at the cost of peoples’ peace and happiness. We are encouraged to learn that our tribal brothers and sisters have put up a strong resistance against the proposed mining at  Khandadhar Hills, Sundhargarh district of Odisha .

Our people in Dhinkia, Patna, Govindpur and Nuagaon villages have taken a resolve to intensify our struggle at any cost and to ensure that POSCO is ousted from our soil. To protest against the coalition of two hostile governments (in the state and at the centre) on POSCO issue and to protest against atrocities launched on our democratic and peace loving protesting population we are organizing a massive Daharana in Dhinkia on January 15, 2014. A similar protest will also be organized in the capital city of Bhubaneswar. Solidarity groups have also decided to launch similar protest in other cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Bangalore, Chennai etc.

We request you to express your voice of protest by joining these groups or by taking the initiative to organize one if you think you should do one in your place between 15-18 January 2014.

Awaiting Solidarity,

Prsahant Paikray

Spokesperon, POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti (PPSS)

Phone no – 09437571547

E-mail – prashantpaikary@gmail.com

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