15 Days of Hunger Strike in JNU: Birendra Kumar’s Battle for Social Justice and Freedom

Anoop Patel

Hul Johar! Jay Bhim! Jay Mandal!

Owing to deteriorating health condition, Birendra discontinued his hunger strike on 16th day. He has been sitting on Indefinite Hunger strike resolutely for last 15 days for..

1- the aproval of 10 per cent relaxation for OBC in qualifying exam,
2-for reducing the weightage of viva voce marks from 30 to 10 percent,
3- for 27 percent OBC reservation in hostel allotment,
4- for reforming the recent changes introduced in deprivation points keeping in mind the issue of gender justice and against the unjust,
5- Scrape arbitrary HLEC in the wake of 9 Feb event.

Birendra also raised the concern over the issues of social justice prominently outside the AC meeting on 10th of May. When he raised these issues outside AC meeting, entire JNU heard him. He is concerned other demands except HLEC because AC meeting has been adjourned till further resume. JNUSU president and other friends moved to Court against HLEC. Now the HLEC issue is sub judice at court.

The V-C did not give in written on resuming the AC meeting. The AC meeting must be as soon as possible before next semester for other demands except HLEC. Forum is also concerned on the above-mentioned issues.


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